The most popular English-language newspapers in India are listed in this article. They offer news in practically every area, including commerce, politics, education, culture, and sporting events. They cover all of the most recent headlines and news pertaining to current events. These newspapers are now accessible on the internet as well.

Scroll down to know India’s most trusted English-language newspapers

  1. Hindustan Times

The most read English-language daily in India is called Hindustan Times, or HT. Publication history is entwined with the movement for Indian independence. Before branching out to, Chandigarh, Patna, Ranchi, Lucknow, Patna, Mumbai, and  Kolkata the operations of the company started in New Delhi. The greatest English-language publication in India for readers in the northwest. The newspaper follows Hindu norms and produces high-quality articles.

  1. Economic Times

The Economic Times

This journal is well-known for its financial and business articles. Economic Times periodicals are frequently chosen by Indian businesses. The newspaper is an important alternative for users to check daily because it plays a significant role in episodes involving the share market and worldwide commerce. For those who are curious about the financial state of the Indian or international industry, The Economic Times must be the better option. Additionally, it is considered to be one of the top business newspapers around the globe, and readers who are curious about the subject enjoy it.

  1. The Times of India

The Times of India is referred to as TOI. More than 36 cities in India have access to TOI.  The broadsheet style is used by The Times of India. The newspaper is published by Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd and the editor-in-chief is Jaideep Bose. Daily printing and sales of the newspaper are approx 2,880,145 copies. The Times of India’s webpage features news online.

  1. The Hindu

The Hindu, English language newspaper

The tabloid newspaper style is used by the Hindu daily. Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Vishakapatnam, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Coimbatore, and Allahabad are among the Indian cities where The Hindu is delivered. N. Ravi is the paper’s publisher. The Hindu newspaper’s chief is Suresh Nambath. Daily printing and sales of the newspaper reach 1,415,792 units.

  1. The Indian Express

The list of the Leading English Newspaper Of India is now being continued. The New Indian Express newspaper is the item in line after it. The publication now is referred to as New Indian Express. At the moment, 22 Indian cities—mostly in Southern India—distribute the Indian express. It is among India’s earliest English- language newspapers. The Indian Express Group is the owner of the newspaper, which was established in 1931. Moreover, It is also one of the finest and most widely read newspapers in India.

  1. Free Press Journal (FPJ)

Since its launch in 1930 by founding member Swaminathan Sadanand, the Free Press Journal, or FPJ, has seen both successes and failures. Its founding purpose was to maintain some semblance of freedom of the press for locally produced English daily that were subject to heavy restrictions as British control in India began to fall apart in the wake of World War II and mounting calls for independence. FPJ, situated in Mumbai, struggled greatly in the 1990s but has since reclaimed its spot among India’s top 8 English-language newspapers.

  1. Asian Age

Asian Age

Asian Age is the only English-language newspaper published in India with a global audience. India’s international newspaper is published in Delhi, Mumbai, London, Kolkata, and the UK. The Indian English daily Asian Age boasts to have a worldwide readership of over a million people and works with several English-language newspapers around the world. the layout is available in both online and print versions of the Asian Age.

  1. The Telegraph

The Telegraph is one of India’s top English periodicals due to its distinctive and mostly fair news stories. The magazine is well-known in eastern states. News from a variety of sectors, including sporting events, economics, commerce, legislation, culture, and art, is published daily. The Telegraph is available in 5 different versions. The Telegraph newspaper is an excellent place to begin if you want to learn more about the caliber of the English language. The newspaper now includes T2, a 16-page colored edition that covers leisure and lifestyle.

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