CBSE Maths Curriculum 2020-21: Applied Mathematics introduced for Commerce, Arts students from this year.

Objectives behind Introducing Applied Mathematics by CBSE for  Commerce and Arts students

a) To develop an understanding of basic mathematical and statistical tools and their
applications in the field of commerce (business/finance/economics) and social sciences;

b) To model real-world experiences/problems into mathematical expressions using
numerical/algebraic/graphical representation;

c) To make sense from the data by organizing, representing, interpreting, analyzing, and
to make meaningful inferences from real-world situations;

d) To develop logical reasoning skills and apply the same in problem-solving;

e) To reinforce mathematical communication by formulating conjectures, validating logical
arguments and testing hypothesis;

f) To make connections between Mathematics and other disciplines

After Basic and Standard Mathematics in Class 10, Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE has now introduced an elective ‘Applied Mathematics’ for Senior Secondary Level or Classes 11 and 12.

As per the official circular sent by CBSE, the board has taken the decision keeping in mind that the current Mathematics curriculum is more suited for students pursuing Science streams and does not relate with Commerce and Social science or Arts/ Humanities based subjects.

The new subject – Applied Mathematics would be now available to students of Commerce and Arts.

The curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of students opting for Economics, Commerce and Social Science subjects. The aim, as the circular reads, is to ‘model real-world experiences/problems into mathematical expressions using numerical/algebraic/graphical representation.

Applied Mathematics subject would be introduced in Class 11 for the academic session 2020-21. Students who are in CBSE Class 12 and had opted for the Applied Mathematics subject as a Skill Elective can also shift the same and appear for the Applied Mathematics in the board examinations for 2021 as an academic elective. 

The step ( introducing an elective ‘Applied Mathematics’ for Senior Secondary Level or Classes 11 and 12) is been taken after many recommendations were made to the board regarding the relevance of the current syllabus. The syllabus for Applied Mathematics, hence, would be customized for Commerce and Arts students, to provide them with a better understanding of the curriculum.

Also, please note that students who have opted for Basic Mathematics in CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2020 are eligible to opt for Basic Mathematics. However, in case the students wish to take up Science subjects (Physics & Chemistry), they must take the Mathematics (041) available subject. All those who wish to pursue Engineering and Mathematics honors courses, hence, cannot opt for Applied Mathematics.

Also, for ‘those students who have earlier offered Applied Mathematics as a Skill Elective will offer Applied Mathematics as an Academic Elective in the current year 2020-21 for class XII. They have to follow the syllabus of Applied Mathematics offered as an Academic subject. Applied Mathematics Course will not be available from the current Academic Session 2020-21 as Skill subject.’