It’s safe to say Indian cricket team’s future is in safe hands. With such a huge population and a huge number of kids playing cricket in India, there is always a healthy competition between young players for spots in the Indian cricket team.

Every other kid wants to play cricket for their nation and wants to prove their talent on the big stage. But there are certain players who get their chance at a young age. 

Today we have found an allrounder who represents Nagaland Cricket Team – Arvind Verma (age 21+) played in a recently concluded COL CK Nayudu Trophy, scored 685 runs and also grabbed 19 wickets.

Also, in One day Matches, Arvind has scored 194 runs and grabbed 14 wickets, Including a 80 runs and 5 wicket- haul (with a hattrick) makes him a Match Winner and shows his versatility. Watch the video clippings of his Batting and Bowling style.

Video Clip >>

All in all, Arvind Verma is one of the most gifted players who can adapt to any situation and can score runs and takes wickets consistently. We wish and hope, he gets the attention for a bigger stage to showcase his talent in the coming years.

We shall bring in more such talents from all over India.!