The government announced on Monday that the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) restricting all direct commercial and private passenger flights to Canada from India will be extended until July 21, as well as the Interim Order Respecting Certain Requirements for Civil Aviation Due to COVID-19 requiring air passengers who depart India to Canada via an indirect route to obtain a COVID-19 pre-departure test from a third country before continuing their journey to Canada.

The Canadian government has extended the flight ban from India until July 21. The ban was extended because “the number of COVID-19 cases continues to be very high in India”, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said. Canada had imposed the travel ban on India on April 22 for 30 days and it was extended in May for another 30 days.

The travel ban from both countries first went into place on April 22 for 30 days, until May 22, and was extended another 30 days until June 21. Cargo flights carrying vaccines and protective equipment are exempt from this decision, and will continue to be allowed into Canada.

“Today we will also be renewing the flight ban between Canada to India for 30 days to July 21, 2021,” Alghabra said at a press conference. “This means direct commercial and private passenger flights from India will be continued to be denied permission to arrive in Canada.”

Passengers who depart from India bound to Canada, via an indirect route, must still get a valid COVID-19 test result from a third country before boarding a flight to Canada, he added.

Travellers from Pakistan, however, are allowed to come to Canada, and are not subject to a flight ban.

“Given the number of COVID-19 cases continue to be very high in India, we have extended our flight restrictions for this country,” Canada’s Minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra said, “We will continue to assess the evolving situation and determine appropriate action going forward.”

The Canadian government also announced that fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents entering the country via air will no longer require mandatory hotel quarantine while they await results of an RT-PCR test taken on arrival at a Canadian airport. This relaxation will come into effect on July 5.