Students of the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati have developed a mobile application, called ‘Flyzy’, to provide a seamless and contactless air traveling experience to passengers during the pandemic. The application has been developed by Deepak Meena, 3rd-year B.Tech student, Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati, Hansraj Patel, 3rd-year B.Tech student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Guwahati, and Arjit Singh, 4th-year B.Tech. student, Department of Electrical Engineering, JMIT.

The mission is to build Flyzy into India’s Finest Aviation IT Technology Company for providing a stress-free and safe journey to flyers. The aim of the application is to provide contactless boarding keeping in mind the easier baggage drop, manageable parking, better shopping experience, and providing necessary updates during the whole journey.


 The app also has a smart UI (user interface) assistant that helps elderly people to use it easily. Other features of the application include real-time flight notifications, universal web check-in portal, check-in baggage status and map of the airport. 


According to the release, the hybrid software will support face-biometric recognition in the future, without even changing the complete software system of the airport and is secured as the app is hosted on the cloud.


IIT stated the idea is not only relevant during the present pandemic situation but also during the non-crisis time. The idea behind the application is to provide a seamless journey to passengers as they move through the airport, especially to the first-time flyers. The application will guide them thoroughly and provide them with an easy understanding and implementation of several airport functions.


Passengers can shop from the airport using the application and can also pay through it. They can either opt for the takeaway or gate delivery option. The application also supports multi-currency payments. For food ordering purposes, the app suggests the passenger the best options based on flight status. For instance, if the flight departs in one hour, the app will suggest the passenger the food items that could be prepared within the available time.


The founders believe that the application will help the aviation industry save money as the process will become automated, faster, and easier. The startup provides an end-to-end service at a low infrastructure cost. The team is already in the process of speaking to the authorities for implementing the application at some airports. The startup has been recognized by Startup India.