After the new traffic rules came into effect from September 1 under the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, several cases of autorickshaw drivers paying hefty fines are being reported from different parts of India.

Delhi Police issue 3,900 challans to traffic violators on day 1 of the new Motor Vehicles Act and make a record in this category.People find these costly traffic challans too heavy for their pockets.


1-In Gurgaon, an auto driver was handed over a challan of 32,500 after he was found to have jumped red light signal His vehicle was also seized for multiple violations.

2-In Bhubaneswar, a drunk autorickshaw driver was fined 47,500.

3- Drunk auto driver fined 47,500 under Motor Vehicles Act. The traffic police issued a challan of 47,500 as fine to a drunk auto driver for a slew of violations of the new traffic rules. The auto driver said he bought the second-hand three-wheeler fo 26000 Rs.

4-Delhi man pays Rs 23,000 challan, half the price of his vehicle. According to police, the man was driving without basic documents, including a driving licence, registration certificate and pollution certificate. He didn’t have third-party insurance and on the top of it, was not even wearing a helmet.

5-A tractor-trolley driver in Haryana’s Gurugram was fined a whopping Rs 59,000 for flouting several traffic norms. The fine amount was calculated according to the newly amended Motor Vehicles Act. The Gurugram tractor-trolley driver’s case is the latest in a series of similar incidents in which drivers have been heavily fined for flouting traffic norms.


The Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, which came into force on September 1, aims at stricter punishment for violation of traffic regulations.

According to the Act, driving without a seat belt, drunk driving, jumping traffic signals, speeding, driving without insurance and overloading vehicles will attract heftier fines.

Driving under the influence of alcohol, not giving way to ambulances or fire brigade will attract a penalty of Rs 10,000 or imprisonment under the Act. Also, if a person has been caught driving without a registration certificate or a driving licence, it would attract a penalty of Rs 5,000 each. If two-wheeler owners are caught riding without helmets, they will not only have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000 but could have their licences suspended for the next three months.

People also find one innovative idea to avoid traffic challan if u see traffic officer from far behind.

 A 30-second clip went viral on Twitter showing a group of people walking along with their two-wheelers without a helmet. The video captioned, ‘Driving without a helmet is illegal but walking isn’t’, had netizens in splits. DELHI GET 3900 CHALLANS

Surprisingly, it is considered to be an old video uploaded recently by IPS Pankaj Nain. The officer uploaded the video with a caption, ‘This is hilarious. Innovative ways to avoid traffic challans. Pls, follow traffic rules to avoid such situations’.