Government e-governance service CSC (Common Service Center) is planning to recruit 20 lakh, digital cadets. This recruitment process will be completed this year. There are about 4 lakh CSC centers across the country which provide a variety of government and enterprise services in small towns and rural areas.

Dinesh Tyagi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CSC e-Governance Services Limited, said that the number of shared service centers across the country is four lakh. These centers help provide many government and undertaking services in small towns and rural areas. 

Tyagi said that five digital cadets will be appointed in each CSC. These cadets will provide various services to the people at their doorstep. Apart from this, they will also act as delivery agents for rural e-stores and farmer e-mart and will help CSC to conduct various surveys for government and other agencies.

He said that the registration of eligible cadets for these posts is expected to be completed in a month. After that, the process of their appointment and verification will be started. Tyagi said that these cadets will be paid on the basis of their work in CSC. The statement said that digital cadets will go door-to-door giving information about the government’s plans and programs. In addition, they will deliver other B2C services and CSCs. 

Tyagi said that these cadets will help the people in acquiring various benefits announced by the government during Covid-19. This will help every citizen including MSMEs to avail of the benefits of government or sponsored schemes. Tyagi said that the appointment of these two million people will be completed by the end of this year.  

This is how registration will happen

Applicants eligible to work as a digital cadet in CSC can register through their nearest CSC VLE (Village Level Enterprises). These registrations will be done through CSC ID. Information regarding educational and other qualifications can be obtained from CSC VLE.

Training will be given for free

Digital cadets to be appointed by CSC VLEs will be trained. The entire cost of training and skill development will be borne by CSC. Digital cadets across the country will be given T-shirts and caps by CSC for free.