Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), the retirement fund body, allows subscribers to make withdrawals from their EPF Account. In order to ensure hassle-free withdrawals, the members must have the correct bank account in the records. There have been instances where people close their bank accounts but forget to change or update the new bank account in their EPF Account. Incorrect bank account details can lead to the failure of credit transactions. Subscribers can rectify their incorrect bank account details through the EPFO portal.

There have been cases where people close their bank accounts but forget to change or update the new bank account in their EPF Account. Wrong bank account information can lead to unsuccessful credit transactions. With the help of the EPFO portal, subscribers can rectify their wrong bank account information.

Here’s a step by step guide to update your bank account details in the EPFO record:

Step 1: Visit Unified Member Portal & Login with Username and password.

Step 2: Click the’ Manage’ tab

Step 3: Select ‘KYC’ from the drop-down menu

Step 4: Select bank and fill ‘ Bank Account Number, Name, and IFSC code’. Click ‘Save’

Step 5: Once it gets approved by the employer, updated bank details will be visible in the approved KYC section

EPFO has started crediting 8.5% interest to its subscribers by the end of December, according to reports. The EPFO central board in September said it will pay 8.5% interest to its subscribers for the year ended 31 March. The interest rate be divided into 8.15% and 0.35%. But, later in December, the Government decided to credit the entire 8.5% into subscribers’ accounts in one go.

In March this year, the EPFO’s apex decision making body Central Board of Trustees, headed by Gangwar, approved an 8.5 percent interest rate on EPF for 2019-20.

Coronavirus live updates: India continues to show a downward trend in the new number of coronavirus cases. With a tally at 10,467,431, it accounts for the 2nd highest cases of Covid-19 infections globally. However, when it comes to the active number of coronavirus cases, India stands at the 14th spot on the global tally, figures updated by global data tracking website Worldometer shows.
The five most affected states by total cases are Maharashtra (1,969,114), Karnataka (927,559), Andhra Pradesh (884,916), Tamil Nadu (826,261), and Kerala (811,148).
World coronavirus update: Coronavirus cases rise unabated across the globe with over 90.6 million infected by the deadly contagion. While 64,796,638 have recovered, 1,942,545 have died so far. The US remains the worst-hit country with 22,916,928, followed by India, Brazil, Russia, and the United Kingdom. However, it terms of the total number of active cases, the US tops the charts, followed by France, UK, Brazil, and Belgium.