Future Financial Goals

Over the years, the value of rupee has deteriorated while it is common to see your parents talk about the low cost of education for them, you as a new parent would have to incur a huge amount in lakhs for your child’s primary education in metro cities.

While you end up spending this Rs. 100 per day very casually either on transport, food etc., however, if you wishfully decide to still save it on a daily basis, it will go a long way in creating wealth over the longer term. While there are surplus investment options, you need to take hold of them depending on your priorities and risk-bearing capacity.

You as a risk taker can go in for equity-based mutual funds and over the period of say 25 years arrive at a handsome corpus. Nonetheless, the option is not suitable for conservative investor class who seek safe returns plus capital safety.

At just Rs. 100 per day, you can save monthly Rs. 3000 and this amount if deployed for a longer tenure say 25 years or so considering the current rate of return of 8% on instruments such as NPS or PPF, you will be able to reap in a corpus of between Rs. 23 lakh to Rs. 27 lakh.

This is possible only if you start early in your investment journey and this amount can then be targeted for purposes such as meeting different life goals such as buying a home, the child’s higher education and marriage.

Further, if you dedicate this amount to your kid and then ask him or her to then continue with it, your child might be getting the best financial gift to secure his or her future financially.

Also, if you are considering to meet your retirement by this amount, you can deploy the funds gathered in LIC’s Jeevan Shanti Plan to get an immediate annuity for the next some years.  

So, while you easily spent Rs. 100 on a daily basis, do make in some efforts to also save this petty amount, to retire rich and end your financial woes.

Source: Goodreturns