COVID-19 Lockdown: Great opportunity for school students if you are getting bore and searching anything in lockdown for explore your talent then we have here great opportunity for you even you can achieve exciting gift also from here and it is completely Free of all students.

Quick tips for you

  1. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection.
  2. Student should be in 8th to 12th class
  3. You should knowledge of your class study syllabus 

How does it works?

There are round 1 and round 2. It is completely Online from the comfort and safety of your home

Eat healthy, stay home and stay healthy 

Students must not forget to eat healthy food while studying in lockdown, as the saying goes, “A Healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”. Eating healthy would help in developing a healthy body and mind and hence the aspirant would be able to concentrate more on studying and in your career.

Do you know about existing gifts?

If you are selected then you will be the winner and wining prize is Active, Laptop, One Plus Mobile, Casio Watch, Amazon Vouchers and cash amount. 

Do you want to know about that opportunity?

This opportunity is a talent search examination it is the best platform for all students where you can use you quality time in lockdown and check your talent here and this is the good thing The registration is completely FREE.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Students studying in Classes 8th to 12th are eligible.They can be studying in schools affiliated with any State, Central or International board.
Note: Each class will have a different exam paper

Reward Certificate :

All students who attempt the test will be given participation certificates.

To participate, please Register Here 

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