IndiGo flexible payment scheme: IndiGo on Thursday announced a flexible payment scheme called ‘Flex Pay’ under which passengers will have to pay only 10 percent of the total fare amount at the time of booking. Passengers can defer the 90 percent remaining payment “for a period of up to 15 days either from the date of bookings or before the date of departure” under this scheme, IndiGo said in a press release.

The move will help customers lock in fares and help IndiGo grow bookings as it expects a shift in demand from other airlines.

“We intend to extend this offer for our customers to make their travel more comfortable,” said IndiGo’s chief strategy and revenue officer Sanjay Kumar in a press note.

If a passenger has paid 10 percent of the fare amount to get a ticket, and if he or she cancels the booking without paying the remaining 90 percent, he or she will not be refunded this 10 percent amount.

“With the help of Flex Pay, the passengers can now secure their bookings by paying only 10% of the total fare amount and defer their payment on an IndiGo domestic flight for a period of up to 15 days either from the date of bookings or before the date of departure,” the airline noted.

Domestic flights resumed on May 25 with price caps and around 1.8 million passengers have flown in a month. But travel demand remains uncertain and over 80 percent of bookings are being made within fourteen days of travel date. This scheme could help customers book tickets in advance without worrying about high cancellation fees. However it will not increase demand overall, an industry expert said.

Few Important things to know about IndiGo’s flexible payment scheme:

1) IndiGo’s Flex Pay scheme will be applicable to bookings made through the company’s website, for all scheduled domestic flights only, provided that, there is a minimum period of fifteen (15) days between the date of booking and the date of departure of the flight.

2) The flexible payment will be 10% of the total fare or 400, whichever is higher and will be charged on a per passenger basis.

3) Customers are required to confirm their booking by paying the total fare through the “Edit booking”, or through the payment link received at the time of making a Booking using the Flex Pay option or by calling the IndiGo call center within the Flex Pay Period.

4) Flex Pay payment cannot be paid by a customer using any reward points or through a voucher.

5) The Flex Pay period will be available to a passenger within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of booking.

6) This option will not be available for certain fares, including fares for armed forces and group bookings.

7) Also, the option is available for a limited number of seats per flight and remains subject to availability.

8) In case of cancellation of a booking, Flex Pay Payment will not be refunded by IndiGo to the customer.

9) A booking made using the Flex Pay option cannot be modified, until payments for all outstanding amounts due for such booking have been made by the customer before the expiry of the Flex Pay Period.

10) IndiGo reserves the right to withdraw or modify these terms, at any time, at its absolute discretion, without assigning any reason and without prior intimation.