Last year social media giant Facebook launched a companion app for Instagram. The company introduced an application called ‘Threads’ that allows the users to share their personal pictures, status, current location, and battery life with their close friends on Instagram. The photos and videos sharing platform is expected to get a new Voice Note feature for Threads. This feature will help the users to know what is being said in a video which means it will automatically turn audio in videos to live captions.

According to a mobile developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi mobile developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi the company is working on a new feature that will allow the users to turn the audio in a video into live cations just like YouTube Live captions. He took to Twitter to make the world know about Instagram’s upcoming Voice Note feature. His tweet reads, “Instagram is working on a new feature for the Threads app: video note. This feature will turn the audio of the video into live captions that will be shown in time with the recording,”

The screenshots shared by Paluzzi show how users will be able to see an option to record options by pressing and holding the centrally circular icon you get to see right now while recording an Instagram Story. Once they do that, they will also be able to send it to close friends “so they can try it too.”

Right now, there is no word on this feature from any company representative so it is hard to say when it will be rolled out to users.

The app was launched for both Android and iOS users and was touted as the ‘camera-first’ messaging app through which users could stay in touch with limited friends from Instagram.

With the Threads app, Instagram users get the option to share photos, videos, messages, and Stories to a limited set of people by taking control of its reach, which is unlike Instagram’s main app where it’s visible to a more broad set of people.

The app gives users more control over their content as they can have a restricted list on the Threads app, which will work on Instagram’s main app as well. The app also comes with a ‘Status’ feature that can be set to anything from studying, procrastinating, on the move, etc.