IRCTC latest news: Railways rolls out first AC 3-tier economy class coach

IRCTC latest news: Making the train journey economical and affordable, the Railways on Wednesday rolled out its first air-conditioned three-tier economy class coach which is being touted by the ministry to be synonymous with the cheapest and best AC travel in the world. 

As per updates, these train coaches will be economical and in between the current AC three-tier and non-AC sleeper class. Moreover, this LHB coach was rolled out from Rail Coach Factory (RCF) Kapurthala to Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) Lucknow for the upcoming trial.

Issuing a statement, the Railways stated that many innovations have been incorporated in the design of the coach, and the high voltage electric switchgear currently installed onboard has been shifted below the underframe, thereby increasing the passenger capacity by introducing 11 additional berths.

The Railways also stated that each coach is provided with a wider and one disabled-friendly toilet entry door which is a new initiative.

“Several design improvements have also been made for improving passenger comfort like redesigning the AC ducting to provide individual vents for each berth,” it said.

What are the other features:

1) The coach also has improved and modular design of seats and berths, foldable snack tables in both longitudinal and transverse bays, injury-free spaces, and holders for water bottles, mobile phone and magazines.

2) Individual reading lights and mobile charging points are provided for each berth in addition to the standard socket.

3) A new ergonomically improved design of ladder for accessing the middle and upper berths is also a new feature.

4) There is an increased headroom in the middle and upper berths as well.

5) The design has been improved for both Indian and the Western-style lavatories while public address and passenger information systems have been installed as part of passenger facilities.

6) Ambience and ease of access into the coach has been improved by the aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic entrance.

7) The interior of the coach has luminescent aisle markers, illuminated berth indicators integral with night lights with luminescent berth numbers.

8) There is also improved fire safety by ensuring compliance to the world benchmark of EN45545-2 HL3 for materials, thus meeting the high requirements of the new fire protection standard.

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