At its first-ever virtual Annual General Meeting, Reliance Jio made a slew of announcements including its 5G network with home-grown technologies, Jio TV Plus, Jio Mart, Jio Meet, and more. Along with this, the company has also announced its new product for 3D interactions – Jio Glass.

Jio Glass, the new product by the company sports a high-resolution display to lets users experience holographic content, interact using 3D avatars, and more. The Glass also features a personalized audio system that supports almost all audio formats and it works without any external attachments. Users can do holographic video calls with interactive 3D avatars, share presentations in the virtual environment, and can also share 3D assets and holograms.

Further, Jio says that 3D virtual classrooms are possible with Jio Glass and holographic classes can be conducted through Jio Mixed Reality Cloud. Jio Glass weighs 75 grams and the connection is established through a cable that is attached to a smartphone. It supports more than 25 applications already, and we can expect it to be rolled out next year.

The Jio Glass can use 3D avatars to make interactions higher within the digital world. The corporate may even enable designed discussions by sharing 3D holograms.

Based on the corporate, Jio Glass will get help from 25 apps for now. The Glass can be utilized for instructional functions utilizing holographic content material.

Jio’s innovation, JioGlass, is at the cutting edge of technology that provides best-in-class mixed reality services to give users a truly meaningful immersive experience, the Mumbai-based company said.

Through the Jio Developers program, Ambani said that any app developer can develop, launch, and monetize their apps.

“5G technology is designed and developmed in India and can be rolled out as soon as the spectrum is allocated. Jio’s home-made 5G technology can transform India,” he added.

“JioMeet is India’s most-secure and cost-effective video conferencing platform. It is designed to address real-life scenarios and solve some of the key challenges of our time,” said Jio’s Isha Ambani.

Jio’s mobile broadband has become largest, and delivered 5 crore GB last month, and connected as many as a million homes on JioFiber, the telco said.