The impact of Coronavirus has been witnessed across the globe and confined us all to our homes. More than three billion people around the world are living under lockdown for the past few weeks as governments stepped up their efforts against this pandemic.

Despite all, Whether it’s something productive or just something to kill the time, there’s plenty of stuff to do at home that you wouldn’t regularly get a chance to do in normal life. 

As we are under our homes with no touch to our outdoor life, we are having a good time finding ourselves, get creative with being in touch with loved ones and building new objects.

Here is the list of few creative things, you can do awake and refresh your mind to stop Boredom during the lockdown

Keep a diary

We are living in unbelievable times, probably unlike anything, we will live through again, hopefully.

Journaling and keeping a diary is a good way to process your feelings and let off some steam without doing anything too drastic.

It will also be good to look back on when this is over, to remember what it was like and to share with others about their experiences of coronavirus.

Organize your cupboards

Food cupboards and clothes cupboards alike regularly become neglected, and something we always swear we are going to do when we have the time.

Chances are, you have probably never had so much spare time in your life, especially if you have been furloughed.

You might even surprise yourself – threads on Twitter have exposed what’s been lurking inside, with one user reporting they had found a jar of condensed milk from 1983 in their grandparents’ food cupboards.


Unleash creativity – get a new hobby

Have you ever thought about starting a blog and sharing your experience and insights or starting a discussion about a topic you feel passionate about? What about writing a fictional story inspired by your own life? Drawing and experimenting with different mediums?

There are many forms of expression we can try and we never know what might appeal to us and turn into a relaxing new pastime to get our mind off stress and pressure. Maybe solving puzzles is your thing. Or knitting. Why not testing out Photoshop to create funny (or inspirational) edits with pictures of friends and family? It is time to let our creativity go wild.

Do an online tour

Some of the world’s most famous museums, art galleries, national parks, cultural monuments and safari parks are offering free online virtual tours for those who are missing the outside world.

Learn a language

Everyone has said they will do it at some point, and now the time has come.

Native speakers don’t have great reputations when it comes to learning languages, but it’s better late than never trying to change that.

Do it the old fashioned way and pick up a book, or you can use apps like Duolingo to finally get your head around double Dutch.


Reflect and redefine

Having time for ourselves is a prerequisite to sessions of self-reflection and redefining goals. We can use the pause on all the things usually occupying our minds to reassess the direction we are going and evaluate if we are on the right track or need a drastic (or mild) change. Is our current lifestyle making us happy or are we missing something and not living up to the full potential of life and our desires?

It is also a great opportunity to reflect on our personalities and identify personal strengths and weaknesses to work with. Personal (and professional) development is a constant process – getting stuck in the loop and forgetting to realign our goals and plan of action can cost us true happiness and fulfillment.