UPI (Unified Payment Interface) transactions will be more easier and banks are into it. ICICI Bank, Kohtak Mahindra Bank, and Airtel Payments Bank have launched a “Pay to Contact” or “Pay your Contact” feature that makes mobile payments more convenient than ever.


With this  “Pay to Contact” or “Pay your Contact” feature, you can irst open the bank’s app and click on the “Pay to Contact” option. The user’s mobile phone book opens. The user can then select the contact to send the money to. On doing this, the bank’s app will automatically detect the contact’s UPI address, provided he/she has one. All that sender has to do now is check the UPI address, enter the amount, key in the password, and transfer.


For Kotak Mahindra Bank, users can also see the apps that the recipient is using.

Recipients can use any app such as PhonePe, G-Pay, Paytm. The bank app will detect the UPI address on its own.

National Payments Corporation of India has launched UPI to facilitate transfer and payment of funds. The platform has eliminated the hassle of entering a bank account number and IFSC code. The sender had to enter an email-like address (virtual payment address or VPA) to send to.

An app focused on mobile payments has made sending money more convenient. If you and your contacts use the same thing, you can transfer funds based on the recipient’s mobile phone number. Therefore, you can use G-Pay to send money from G-Pay to others without having to enter your UPI ID.

Banks have taken this to the next level of convenience with the “Pay to Contacts” feature.

According to the Mahindra Bank of Kotak website, individuals can trade up to 10 times, with a maximum total amount. 50,000 per day using the “Pay Contact” feature.

According to the ICICI Bank website, users can make up to UPI transactions 1 rack per day, up to 10 transactions within 24 hours.