Through the ration card (Ration Card), the government provides ration to the poor families living in their state. Ration is given to a poor person only through a ration card. Ration card is also used as an ID proof in many places. For example in LPG connection, driving license etc. It is also validated as address proof. But the thing to note here is that ration card cannot be made by everyone. This is only for a certain income group, the extent of which varies from state to state. Apart from this, you can also add a new member’s name to the ration card.

If a new member has joined your household, such as a child in the family or a new daughter-in-law, then you can add their name to the ration card, for this you will have to follow this simple process.

If a new member has joined your house, such as a child has been born in the family or a new daughter-in-law has come, then you can add her name in the ration card, for this you have to follow this easy process.

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To add the name of a new member in the ration card, you will have to amend your Aadhar card. For example, if a girl changes her surname after marriage, she will have to fill her husband’s name in her Aadhar card instead of her father’s and update the new address. After this, the details of the new Aadhar card will have to be given to the Food Department officer present in the husband’s area.

How can one add the name of the child to the ration card?

If a child is born or adopted, then to register his/her name in the ration card, they will have to get the Aadhaar card made. Without the Aadhar card, their name will not be added to the ration card. The birth certificate of the child will be required to get the Aadhaar card. 

After collecting all the required documents, you can apply to add your child’s name to the ration card.

Add the name of the new member online

You can also add the name of the new member online. For that, you have to go to the official website of the food supply of your state. There you will get all the options including adding the name of the new member, provided the government of your state gives an online facility to do so. 

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