Reliance Jio has introduced a slew of changes for its prepaid users including the Interconnect Usage Charge (IUC), some temporarily appeasing “All-in-One” prepaid plans (now discontinued), and a bunch of new costlier tariffs.

The new scheme has been available from December 24 and was introduced shortly after Reliance Jio introduced Rs 98 and Rs 149 plans across the country.

Under the Rs 149 plan, customers get 1GB per day data. This plan features free Jio to Jio calling and 300 minutes of Jio to non-Jio call time. Users can also send 100 SMS per day and access to complimentary Jio apps. The validity of the Rs 149 plan is 24 days.

Other than these plans, there is also a range of ‘affordable packs’ that Jio offers. There are four packs under the affordable pack section, which starts from a price of Rs 98 for 28 days and goes till a pack worth Rs 1,299 for a year.

Take a look at these plans which are best for prepaid users:

Rs 98 Pack

The affordable pack that is available for Rs 98 for a period of 28 days offers 2 GB, which can entirely be used at high speed. Apart from that, charges of 300 text messages are also included in this plan. This pack also included a complimentary subscription for Jio apps.

Rs. 199 Pack

If you don’t wish to spend a whole lot of money on a mobile recharge plan, the Rs. 199 pack should be good for you.
The plan offers 1.5GB of data per day, unlimited Jio-to-Jio calls, 100 daily SMSes, and 1,000 non-Jio calling minutes for a total of 28 days. Additionally, you also get free access to all the Jio apps.

Rs 329 Pack

There is a plan available for a period of 84 days and offers a total of 6 GB data at a price of Rs 329. The affordable pack includes charges of 1,000 text messages, 3,000 minutes of voice call from a Jio to non-Jio user and unlimited voice calls from Jio to Jio network. The entire data can be used at high speed. A complimentary subscription of the Jio apps is also included.

Rs 349 Pack

This plan is probably for users whose consumption of the internet is quite heavy. The plan is available for Rs 349 for a period of 28 days and offers 3 GB data per day at high speed and a total data of 84 GB data for the entire period. 100 text messages per day and 3,000 minutes of a voice call between Jio user and a non-Jio one are included in the pack. Calls between Jio users are not accounted for and can be made infinite number of times without any extra charge. The subscription of Jio apps is a part of the plan.

Rs. 599 Pack

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a good balance between data benefit and validity, the Rs. 599 plan should be right up your alley.
It provides 2GB of data each day, unlimited Jio-to-Jio calls, 100 daily SMSes, and 3,000 non-Jio calling minutes for a total of 84 days. And like other Jio plans, you also get free access to Jio’s suite of apps.

Rs 1,299 Pack

Annual affordable pack available at a price of Rs 1,299 offers 24 GB data, which can be consumed at high speed after which the speed will come down to 64 Kbps. Includes Jio app subscription, 3,600 text messages and 12,000 minutes of call time from a Reliance Jio phone to other subscriber networks.

Rs 2020 Pack

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) owned brand Jio recently launched 2020 Happy New Year Offer. The user has to pay a sum of Rs 2020 for a period of 365 days to get a total data of 547.5 GB, out of which 1.5 GB data can be used at high speed each day. Apart from this, 100 SMS per day and 12,000 minutes of voice call from Jio user to a non-Jio user is included in this pack. A complimentary subscription for Jio apps too is offered in this pack.