As the COVID-19 pandemic in India inevitably pushes almost all gamers to online play stores for recreation, a smarter lot has dived into real money skill games like rummy. Online rummy tournaments have joined the center stage of online skill games with other popular games like online poker during the lockdown.

Rummy tournaments online have proven to be an excellent source of entertainment and income generation especially during this time frame. So, today, we look into some of the core reasons why online rummy tournaments have gained remarkable traction during the quarantine spell.

Why Folks are Going Bonkers on the Felts of Online Rummy?

Online rummy sites have used the lockdown period to introduce several promotions specific to earning real money. This in turn, gives viable motives to the not so regular players and new comers to test the waters during free hours by browsing the tournament tables and taking potential shots at earning real money at the mere comfort of home.

We took note of the uptick in the rise of online rummy tournament players and found some solid reasons leading to this massive player engagement.

  1. Higher Guarantees in Tournaments

Online rummy sites have increased the number of rummy tournaments and online cash games during the lockdown and as such amplified the number of opportunities to play and win real money. The variety of tournaments released during the lockdown is also impressive in their own right. One of India’s most rewarding rummy sites, RummyBaazi has offered stellar weekly guarantees worth six figures on weekend tournaments like the 1LAC Sunday Special that goes live on 8PM every Sunday.

Players are encouraged to claim the lion’s share in this particular rummy tournament for a buy-in of just 1000 and use their skills to max their investment up to 100 times.

As such, it is not surprising to see rummy fans taking this skill sport with heightened seriousness with more money at stake!

  1. More Games Per Hour

The core objective of online rummy sites have been to expand the player base during the lockdown and the best way to do this is to host maximum games per hour so that whenever a player finds the time to log in on any given hour of the day, there’s one waiting for you.

Also, the sudden rise in traffic during the lockdown has automatically pushed online rummy sites to host more games per hour so that players do not leave the lobby empty handed. This has ushered in increased flexibility to gamers to play online rummy tournaments and games according to their convenience.

  1. Widened Stakes

Another measure adopted by online rummy sites recently has been the release of tournaments of wider range of stakes to encourage new players to test run their skills for free or maybe a minimum fee. For instance, online rummy portal in India, RummyBaazi has been doing so since its inception by featuring rummy tournaments online for players of all calibre and stakes. You can find tournaments for an impressive range of stakes in their app lobby.

Here’s a list of the most popular online rummy tournaments from the lowest to the highest stakes players can enjoy on RummyBaazi.

Rummy Tournament Buy-in Prize Pool
Micro GTD 100/200 INR 1/ INR 2 INR 100/ 200
Value 600 GTD INR 10 INR 600
After Dark 1K GTD INR 20 INR 1000
Baazi 2K GTD INR 50 INR 2000
Prime 4K GTD INR 100 INR 4000
Super 7K GTD INR 200 INR 7000
Special 10K GTD INR 300 INR 10,000
1LAC Sunday Special INR 1000 INR 1,00,000


As you can see, players can contest their rummy skills for a flexible range of stakes all the way from INR 1-1,00,000! This offers a vast space for players to play the game according to their current skill level and move up in stakes gradually avoiding any risk of losing money.

  1. Free Online Rummy Tournaments

Free rummy tournaments online carry their own charm amongst beginners who wish to play rummy for recreation, build their game without pressure of losing money and enjoy participating among a nationwide pool of players.

Free rummy tournaments are the window for new players to gain tournament experience and grasp the nuances of applying varied strategies in different circumstances, in short, a training ground for the future battle for real money.

Many a times, free rummy tournaments hosted by some online rummy sites also offer interesting leaderboard prizes to top performers as an incentive and motivation to work their way to becoming a professional player in the shortest span of time.

Keep checking the online rummy sites on the beginning of every month to know what they have new in store for you. Last but not the least, credible online rummy sites often feature superb promotions to boost your gaming experience through unique promo and deposit codes that offer instant bonus money from time to time.

So, fine-tune those skills if you haven’t for a while and hit the online rummy tables this time around and join the nationwide rummy celebration to win BIG today.