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ARIES (MAR 21 – APR. 20)

 You need to start thinking about longterm things today—both the fun ones and the not-so-fun ones. Plan ahead for your next vacation, and you could get some very good rates on airfare or hotel. Plan ahead on your next career move, and you’ll be prepared when an unexpected opportunity presents itself. Despite what one of your fun-loving friends may say, it’s simply not true that acting spontaneously creates a more exciting life—it usually only creates more chaos and stress. Lunar alignments are very much to your taste today, but will only confer their promised benefits if you are happy to go along with all adventurous suggestions and invitations. Also, remember to check up on your rights, lest someone takes advantage of you.

TAURUS (APR. 21 – MAY 21)

Someone you have always been able to count on for help hasn’t been quite as helpful lately, but you shouldn’t resent them for it. Put yourself in their position, and you can understand why they might be acting a lot more conservatively with their resources. Give them some space for a while, and resist turning to them the next time you need a ride, a loan, or even some advice. Look upon this as an opportunity to remind yourself how capable you are of finding solutions to your problems. As the days pass, it will become much easier for you to relax and enjoy yourself. On the other hand, if you imagine domestic responsibilities are becoming lighter, you might be in for a shock! If people you live with begin to think that you’re slacking, then they may soon play a trick on you.

GEMINI (MAY 22 – JUNE 21) 

Something you thought would radically change your life hasn’t turn out to have had much of an effect at all right now, so what’s next? Today you should think about your plan B—and maybe your plan C, just in case. Luckily, your self-esteem is riding high and you should be feeling confident that you will be able to crack this nut, eventually. After all, taking time to figure things out is much more rewarding than snapping your fingers and making it all better. Good communication is of the essence. Over the next few days, you must say what needs to be said. You should have got something important off your chest by now, but there are still one or two hidden resentments. These, though, can be left until later.


Money matters are going to be at the top of your mind today—you have any questions, and you should work on getting answers today. Pick up a financially-oriented magazine and find a quiet spot to read it cover to cover. Beef up your knowledge about what you can do with your money (besides spend it). It’s not so difficult to make more money with less effort. Invest some time in learning how to better manage your wallet—you deserve to have more control over your money than it has over you. The Sun is now preparing to reduce its romantic presence, a poetic indication that you must draw the veil over several difficult situations, and make sure that a number of promising opportunities are of lasting value. Hang on to the past by all means, but not on to people and places that are no good for you.

LEO (JULY 24 – AUG. 23)

Having a regular health regime is a very good thing, but you should be careful not to get too vocally enthusiastic about it. Not everyone needs to do things the same way to achieve health or happiness, so try not to bore others with your ideas about how to live a better life. They are happy you have found your path, but it might not be a path that they feel like taking. Overall, today you should take a hands-off approach to other people’s lives. Let them do their thing. Sometimes planetary cycles just refuse to be convenient. Your stars are out of tune with the working week, and ideally, you should extend your personal activities until Wednesday, at least. However, if there is serious business to conduct today, make sure you concentrate on the financial aspects.

VIRGO (AUG. 24 – SEPT. 23)

Just for today, try a new experiment with one of your closest friendships—hold back what you’re feeling right now. You don’t have to share every emotion with them every time you feel it. Hold on to a feeling and mull it over before broadcasting it out into the world. You’ll discover that while a friend is always helpful in sorting things out, you are capable of getting clarity all on your own, too. Remind yourself that having people involved in your life is an option, not a requirement. Secrets are all very well, but the fact that you’re still not letting on about something important could eventually cause a spot of aggravation. You must pick your time carefully – next week might bring the best moment to reveal all. Can you wait? I think so!

LIBRA (SEPT. 24 – OCT. 23)

By definition, fads come and go—so you are usually hesitant to get involved in something that will just fade away in the next few months. After all, what’s the point? But today, something new on the scene will capture your imagination and get you excited. You have the time to explore this phenomenon more, so why not do it? It’s not that big of a commitment, and it’s good old-fashioned fun! Lighten up and enjoy fooling around with a new idea, fashion trend or gadget. Like many other people, your mood will change on Wednesday and Thursday. So, if you have social arrangements to confirm, do so as soon as possible, mainly because by the end of the week partners will be showing an increasing tendency to misunderstand the simplest instruction.

SCORPIO (OCT. 24 – NOV. 22)

Are you in a romantic relationship right now? If so, you can expect things to shift around today. It looks like things are moving to the next stage — and you are ready for it, whether you think so or not. If you are not seeing someone, then this is a day for the family. You need to schedule some time with a sibling or close cousin—it’s been too long since you have caught them up on your life, and they haven’t had the chance to share their big news with you! There’s still a lot to happen at work, and you are by no means at the end of a period of professional adjustment. A complete change of direction is likely for many Scorpios, and even if you’re not in paid employment, a major long-term ambition is about to crystallize.


Admittedly, interacting with strangers can be a gamble sometimes—you never know if you are starting an interesting conversation worth having, or one from which you’ll be desperate to escape! But today is definitely a great day to talk to strangers. Everyone you talk to will have something to say that’s worth hearing, and you could learn a thing or two. Don’t be surprised if a casual conversation meanders nicely into a deeper talk—and a deeper connection. The Moon is in an intense relationship with your sign, an indication that while you are maybe a little more emotional than usual, you have the advantage in most dealings with other people, both at work and at home. You must use your talents and energy wisely.


 Apply a healthy grain of salt to whatever storey someone tells you today—chances are, they are exaggerating a few aspects. Also, you should be very wary of making any big financial commitments right now. Not all of the facts have been given to you, although no one is purposefully trying to trick you. Just be on the ball and be a little bit more inquisitive than you usually are. Your wishful thinking could keep you from seeing the obvious pitfalls. If financial decisions are pending, don’t mess around or prevaricate. There is a great deal to be gained from exerting your monetary muscle to get your own way. Dazzle people with the facts, and you may just find that they come round to your way of thinking.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 – FEB. 19)

 You could get blinded by your own brilliance today, so be sure to have a good pair of dark sunglasses handy! Your wit, quick thinking, and overall positive energy will help keep smiles on everyone’s faces. You will have an answer for everything, a solution for every problem, and an interesting idea for every meeting. This is a period of great productivity for you, and you can expect your profile to peak higher and sooner than you thought it would. You’ll have to clarify the issues in all personal relationships now. Although you are about to enter a phase in which the emotional situation should be generally satisfying, you’ll be guided by your instincts and hence liable to make one or two false moves.

PISCES (FEB. 20 – MAR 20)

Your impatience has been growing lately, and today you may feel as if your life is meandering at a frustratingly slow pace. But this change of rhythm is a very good thing for you, so you should try to be open to it. Give yourself time to get used to this slower way of doing things, and soon it will start to feel much more comfortable. With less noise going on around you, you’ll finally be able to listen to yourself and truly hear what the inner you want out of life.

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