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ARIES (MAR 21 – APR. 20)

This is going to be another day that has you addressing the ongoing questions you have about your abilities. Have you adequately explored the nature of your gifts? Have you broken down some of the myths about them? Keep this one thought in mind: there are no such blessings as “gifts”, only people with a strong desire to do something. It is as simple as that.

TAURUS (APR. 21 – MAY 21)

Subtle changes have been taking place within your psyche. Obscure as they are, however, they’re no less profound. You might be experiencing a renewed sense of self-confidence, of more determination, and of having more control over your own life. This should have an effect on your physical appearance, so don’t be surprised if people start noticing you on the street. Think about it – and continue on your path. You’ll make it!


An older male visitor may come to your home, momentarily interrupting plans which you may have made for today. Don’t despair; listen to what he has to say and let him go. You may be feeling somewhat bored with the appearance of your home, so pick up a few bright decorative items to spruce it up a little. You might also want to plan more extensive redecorating. For now, some hothouse flowers could suffice to brighten up the ambiance.


Spiritual insights and revelations coming from deep within you could make a marked difference in your values. You might find yourself becoming more progressive, more liberal, and far more expansive in your outlook than you’ve ever been before. This might seem frightening at first – but don’t go into a panic over it. If you consider the process objectively, you’ll probably see that it’s turning you into a better person. Go with the flow.

LEO (JULY 24 – AUG. 23)

You could be feeling rather restless today and anxious to get out in the open for a while, but mundane tasks and responsibilities could force you to postpone it. Someone you care for might asks for a favor – and while you may not want to help this person you probably will. Don’t let your irritation show; just get it done quickly and accept the person’s thanks. In the evening: Go for a long walk under the stars.

VIRGO (AUG. 24 – SEPT. 23)

Mars and Uranus will enhance your talents this month and give you the chance to shine. People will look to you for innovative ideas and your amazing creativity. Whatever you decide to pursue, you’ll succeed. You will become a little too demanding this month, Virgo and your pushiness will frustrate your partner. Let your heart guide you along the way and don’t fight your feelings. You’ll be an ocean of calm.

LIBRA (SEPT. 24 – OCT. 23)

This is likely to be an unusual day today. The effect of today’s aspects may fill your head with memories that weigh down your thoughts. As a result, you may find yourself overreacting, discarding items from the past willy-nilly, without careful consideration of how much they mean to you. Rather than risk the regret such actions would no doubt generate, who not instead try and figure out what is causing this knee-jerk reaction in the first place?

SCORPIO (OCT. 24 – NOV. 22)

It is likely that you will succeed at whatever you set out to accomplish today. If you have been held back by worries over the integrity of a relationship or the long-term prospects of a partnership, you can dispel those concerns by confronting the person directly. You just may find that the person in question was having the same feelings about you! Openness and honesty are the keywords for the day; use them liberally.


Strong forces may be acting up today and asking you to stand up a little straighter than usual. Keep your shoulders back and be proud. Don’t think of yourself as any less of a person just because there is disagreement between you and the people around you. Maintain high respect for yourself and your opinions. Say things with confidence, don’t back down, but be prepared to fight.


You have been eager to take on some new challenges, and today you may begin to formulate some new goals for yourself. Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars, because all indications are that any new venture of yours will turn out favorably. Pay extra attention to the little details today, because you wouldn’t want to be delayed in the future because of something you forgot to do today.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 – FEB. 19)

Focus on the simple pleasures today. Don’t feel like you have to go searching in far-off lands or engage in expensive recreational activities to find happiness and peace. Realize that everything you need is all inside. Find your smile in delighting in the nature around you. Smile at the Sun, the Moon, and the trees. Realize that there is beauty all around not just inexpensive objects in antique stores.

PISCES (FEB. 20 – MAR 20)

What is your dream? Today is a day to answer that question in as specific away as possible, then to set about attaining that goal. All signs indicate that whatever you begin today will likely pay off big time. Even though you may feel that your dreams are too ambitious, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Vow to take things one step at a time, and keep in mind that old adage: “Well begun is half done.”

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