WhatsApp is reportedly developing a Flash Calls feature that helps users to log into their accounts quickly. When a user tries to log in to WhatsApp, a 6-digit code is sent on their phone for verification. A new alternate method is reportedly being developed, wherein WhatsApp will make a Flash Calls to the user for the purpose of verification. This will enable users to log in quicker than the SMS verification process and should prove to be useful once multi-device support is rolled out and users can log in to multiple devices simultaneously.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is working on the new feature in the WhatsApp beta for the Android update, the news agency said citing other reports. This feature, currently under development, will be available in a future update.

After the arrival of the new WhatsApp Flash Call, the account will be verified with the help of Flash Call instead of OTP when the user’s log-in to the account. For Flash Call, users will have to give permission to the app to log in to the phone. After this, the account will be automatically logged in on the arrival of flash call for WhatsApp verification on the phone.

According to the report, WhatsApp will call your phone number and then cut the call automatically. After this, WhatsApp will check your call logs to see if the call has been received on your phone from WhatsApp itself. In this way, you will be able to log in without a verification code.

Not for iOS

It is important to note that iOS smartphone users won’t be getting the feature as Apple doesn’t offer any public API to read the call history. The report further states that this feature is optional and users will still be able to verify themselves using the existing methods.

New voice-message playback speeds

WhatsApp has also introduced a new feature that allows users to choose between multiple playback speeds while playing an audio file. The new options will allow you listen to longer voice messages easily and can also be used to skip through large messages to get to a particular point. This helps make the most of long voice messages, where it can sometimes be time-consuming to go through the entire message without skipping on any details.