Work From Home: Do you dream of working from home? In a perfect work world, you would have the luxury to do what you loved or were good at and would be paid for it without stepping out of the house. Technology has made working from home a possibility for professionals across diverse industries.  

Nearly 15 million people in urban India are living this dream, according to the Freelancer Incomes Around the World Report 2018. They are selfpreneurs, also known as self-employed individuals running one-person businesses. They are a part of the growing tribe that is fuelling India’s gig economy.

The benefits of home working include: 

  • Not suffering the distractions of office life, such as phone calls, meetings, and interruptions from colleagues. 
  • Being able to adjust your working environment to match your preferences and needs, which can help you to stay more relaxed and boost your morale. 
  • Doing tasks in a way that suits you best, allowing you to work more efficiently, creatively – and enjoyably.

Work From Home: Best Five options

  1. Click away for stock photo sites
    Average Earning: Rs 2,000- 4,000 a month, for beginners
    Up to Rs 35,000 a month, after two years

    How to get started
    Whether you click pictures as a hobby or are a professional photographer, there’s considerable money to be made by licensing photos on stock photography sites like,,, and, among others. 
    If you are not a professional, learn the basics of photo editing on Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Also, since your earning depends on the number of downloads, constantly keep adding new photos.
    Working tip 
    Upload photos to 4-5 sites with high traffic, instead of selling exclusive rights to one. Also, use appropriate keywords with each uploaded photo to increase visibility.

  2. A lesson in online tutoring
    Average income: Rs 20,000 a month, for beginners
    Rs 50,000 a month, for experienced teachers

    How to get started 
    A computer with a high-quality Web camera and expertise in a subject are all you need to teach online. Vedantu, BharatTutor and Tutor India are some of the online teaching platforms that connect Indian teachers and students. On other websites like,, Chegg. com,, and, you can teach students based in the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. 
    After a series of tests, mock sessions, and screening, and on gaining approval, most sites provide training on the usage of the virtual whiteboard and other basics of video conferencing. As each platform requires at least two hours a day, don’t sign up on more than three sites.
    Working tip 
    Market your profile by opting for the premium pack on teaching websites. You will be listed at the top and be more visible to students.
  3. Gain in translation
    Average earning: Rs 10,000 a month, for beginners
    Rs 40,000 a month, for professionals

    How to get started 
    International companies require professionals for translating technical documents, websites, mobile applications, and academic papers. To freelance as a translator, you need to be fluent in more than one language. Employers typically ask for a bachelor’s degree or work experience, but in the absence of both, you can either take an online course offered by colleges or start small by interning with a professional translator or working for a non-profit organisation.
    Working tip 
    There is a high demand for translations into regional Indian languages. Such candidates don’t even have to take courses to prove their proficiency.
  4. Wake up to Web development
    Average earning: Rs 1.68 lakh a month 

    How to get started 
    Businesses and companies are increasingly outsourcing jobs to freelancers instead of hiring full-time employees for one-off projects, in order to save costs on employee benefits. Web developers and graphic designers are the most sought after and paid the highest due to a growing need for mobile applications for user engagement. In fact, switching to freelancing after three years of work experience can be more rewarding than working full-time. It will also give you the liberty to negotiate for a better package after every project. This is one of the best options for work from home.
    Working tip 
    Learn about both front-end (user interface designing) and back-end (database and server) development, even if you specialize in one. Full-stack developers are more sought after compared to specialists.

  5. Manage social media
    Average earning: Rs 1.1 lakh a month 

    How to get started 
    Growth in online advertising and marketing is fuelling demand for people who can manage the social media presence for businesses. Social media management is much more than just posting content on social media sites for a company. 
    If you are a problem solver, skilled in SEO writing and equipped with marketing tools, then this job is for you. If you have no prior experience, take an online course on social media management offered by several instructional websites like,, and to learn the basics. It is the most creative job for work from home.
    Working tip 
    Since the social media landscape is changing constantly, upskill and hone your marketing skills to keep up with the dynamic platforms.