Soon you will be able to travel in the Metro without a smart card or a token. DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) is preparing to set up biometric-based fair collection gates on metro stations to ease the payment, tokens, and to get rid of the hassle of recharging smart cards. After this, only the finger punch can  let you travel in the passenger metro. Passengers will not need a token or smart card for metro movement. DMRC has refused to provide more information while confirming the plan. 

According to DMRC’s plan, biometric-based fair collection gates will be installed at Metro stations at a cost of 14.51 crores. For the purpose of designing and designing the gate, the search for agencies has been started. After getting this gate, it will be possible to pay rent with the finger, token and smart card three.

At present, the metro network of Delhi-NCR is about 327 kilometers and there are 236 metro stations. Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates have been installed at all the stations. Travelers can travel in the metro by paying tokens and smart cards. Along with this, there is a facility of paying rent from mobile (smartphones) on Delhi Metro’s Airport Express Line. In the coming days, the biometric system will get a new option to pay rent.

Rent to the account linked to Aadhaar card

Basically, fingerprint sensors will be introduced in biometric fair collection system. In this, passengers need to register finger prints. The entrance to the station and the finger should be punctured on exit. On leaving the station, when finger punch is done, the fare will be cut from the bank account linked to Aadhaar card. In case of reduced money in the account, the traveler may have to pay the cash payment or credit card rent.

About 28 to 30 lakh passenger travels daily in the metro. Of these, 70 percent of passengers use smart cards and 30 percent of passengers use tokens. Yet at many stations, a long line is seen for tokens. Although there is a facility to recharge smart card online, still, it takes 10 to 15 minutes for the passengers to recharge smart cards at many stations.