New Driving licenses, Registration certificates coming soon

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Government is set to introduce new driving licences and registration certificates across the country and this is set to give sleepless nights to traffic violators, forgers and other wrongdoers. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has prescribed a common standard format and design of the Driving Licence and the Certificate of Registration for the entire country. A notification to this effect was issued on March 1, 2019. The step has been taken to standardise the documents across all states and prepare a centralised digital repository that can also help in checking forgery and duplication.
The government has decided to get rid of a paper or booklet based driving licenses or the registration certificates. Now, these certificates would only be provided in two types of cards: a PVC based card or a Poly Carbonate one. The state governments will have the option to decide on the type of material of the driving license to be provided.
“The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has prescribed a common standard format and design of the Driving Licence and the Certificate of Registration for the entire country… The option of providing a paper or booklet based driving license or the registration certificate has been done away with,” the ministry said in a release. 
The new cards would have a QR code on them which would enable easy linking and access and validation of the information on the cards with the SARATHI or VAHAN database. As the Ministry had recently issued amendments of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 enabling transport related documents in an Electronic Form, the QR would facilitate the enforcement authorities.
The notification was released days after Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had said that the government is thinking about a law which makes it mandatory to link the Aadhaar card with driving licenses. “At present, what happens is that the guilty person who causes an accident flees the scene and gets a duplicate licence. This helps him go scot-free,” he had said.

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18 Thoughts to “New Driving licenses, Registration certificates coming soon”

  1. Ashok Kumar

    I was working in koraput Distt in Odisha. got my Driving Licence From RTO Koraput , which is expiring in July 2019. Now after retirement I have settled In Derabassi in Punjab. Can i get my Driving Licence Renewed in Punjab . Kindly advise how ?

    1. NS

      It is possible as I too had the similar issue when I shifted from Gujarat to Karnataka. Go to the nearest RTO office in your new location and fill the formalities. The RTO at new location shall verify the original issued at different state and on obtaining NOC, they will issue a fresh one. Other option is get a new learn license and go thru same old course of passing exam and sail thru. Good luck..

    2. Ullas

      Yes of course u can renew in Punjab. Licence is for all over India, right. Just get a proof of your new residential address and can apply for renewal.

    3. Yes you can get your driving licence renewed in Punjab. All you have to do is visit your area RTO and submit the required documents along with the renewal fee. This can also be done via the Vahaan website with submission of documents and fees done online. But the details of your present driving licence should be available in the archived data base which can be accessed by the transport authorities of the states of India. Otherwise, you will have to go through the whole process of applying for a fresh driving licence

    4. vijay tc

      Theoretically Yes. But to my experience, though I had a valid licence from NOIDA I could not get it renewed from Chennai RTO Officials, with the result I had to travel to NOIDA to get it renewed. RTO Officials – PRO-at Chennai advised me that I can apply for a fresh driving licence after getting a learner’s licence first and appearing in a test !!!!!!!

  2. Vinayak Kaldate

    Nice information.👍

  3. sunil kaul


  4. Alka Agrawal

    I lost my driving license. i Have photo copy of the same. How can i get new one.

  5. R.Gopalakrishnan

    Very Useful Information

  6. I am working in Faridabad ,state Haryana,my driving license will be expired in 2023, pl.advice us as per new driving license policy.

  7. kaiwalya narendra deglurkar

    good initiation by govt

  8. Seafood B

    Process of conversion or renewal should be bio print, etc and done by aadhar outlets. The RTO’s should not be given this task as a beehive of agents operate hand in glove with officials inside. This way we citizens are not put to physical and mental stress. As many citizens are transferred, etc, we should be able to renew the license as an Indian citizen anywhere in the country and not statewise. There should be 1 database and should be able to access from any corner of India.

  9. Anmol Saxena

    I have lose my driving license so how to get new driving license

  10. Yogesh Baijal

    All information is fine but government must standrised the working of RTO staff at each and every corners without fail.

  11. Welcome the initiative. High time such steps were taken.

    Renewal and other License related services should be available to an individual across the country and he/she need not come to place from where license had been issued.

    SMS / email alert to be provided informing individuals for expiry of license etc.


  12. Shiva Kant

    I lost my driving license. i Have photo copy of the same. How can i get new one.

  13. Anil sant Pune

    What are the protocols for a citizen above 60 years of age ? For what duration you get license renewal?

  14. Romey

    I am living in Punjab, I have old licence booklet type, is it valid or not, if it is not valid then how can update it in card type. Please.

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