The mutual funds investment has become easy and convenient now. One can invest mutual funds by using Whatsapp in just a few simple steps. Investment processes have become easy with the introduction of Aadhaar validation, Know your customer (KYC), online investment and payments platform, etc. Now, it can be done through Whatsapp. It has become a one-stop platform for users. It is used to exchange text, audio, images, videos, GIFs, make calls and now, it can also be used to invest in mutual funds. This is good news for investors. Popular messenger cum social media platform Whatsapp has become a utility tool with the introduction of mutual fund (MF) investment facility by Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company (Motilal Oswal AMC). According to Motilal Oswal AMC, the customers can use their smartphone to complete the mutual fund purchase through this feature and the entire process completes in less than two minutes. 

Steps to invest in Mutual Funds on Whatsapp:

  • Visit the service provider’s website.
  • Enter your mobile number and agree to terms and conditions.
  • Some service providers may ask you to send a message to a designated mobile number to initiate the transaction.

How to become KYC compliant:

  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • After this, a message will be sent to you demanding PAN for KYC verification.
  • You will be KYC compliant after the service provider will check your PAN. 

An investor has the option to either make a lump sum investment or start a systematic investment plan (SIP). For this, you need to mention the scheme in which you wish to invest, amount and the number of installments. Your order summary will be generated, you can confirm or edit details if needed.

On confirmation, you will receive a one-time password (OTP). Enter this OTP to receive URN. URN must be registered with the bank to activate the SIP transaction. Worth mentioning here, in order to use this facility, it is important to complete the KYC formalities.

Here are the steps by which one can invest on WhatsApp from the mobile which is registered with Motilal Oswal AMC:

  • Add Motilal Oswal AMC number (+91 9372205812) in his/her contact list.
  • Get on to WhatsApp, and then type ‘Hi’ on the above number.
  • From there on, the journey is built in such a way that the customer continues with subsequent instructions on the mode of investment, fund, amount etc after sharing the PAN details.
  • Post this, the customer is sent a payment link where the customer goes to his bank account & authorizes payment for the transaction.

According to the Motilal Oswal website,, “Now in our mutual funds invest with the speed and ease of WhatsApp”. For this investors through their registered mobile number can initiate the transaction in Motilal Oswal MF scheme just by sending ‘Hi’.

Besides WhatsApp, while customers may also invest through website and mobile app, and also through the services and platforms offered by the distribution partners, the fund house said, it has further planned to introduce more features that will help customers access their account statements along with addressing their service requirements needs.