It has been a while since TRAI implemented the new DTH and cable TV regulations. So far, the regulations haven’t been received well by the consumers. The regulations originally promised lower TV bill and more transparency between the operators and the consumers. However, based on the outburst on Twitter and other social media channels, the new TRAI regulations had done the opposite, increasing bills. Due to the higher costs, many have stuck to the older plans and refrained from upgrading to the new regulations.

TRAI extended the deadline for the to March 31 and directed the DTH as well as cable operators to implement the Best Fit Plan proposed by TRAI for all those subscribers who won’t migrate to the new regulations. The Best Fit Plan is essentially a new plan based on the new regulations that will be applied automatically to those consumers who haven’t made the move. The new plan will consist of channels from those genres that the consumers have been enjoying previously.

If you didn’t make the move to the new DTH regulations, your DTH or cable TV connections must have been assigned a new Best Fit Plan. Here’s all you need to know about it and should you modify it.

Best Fit Plan – What is it?

The Best Fit Plan is a new rendition of the older plans from the previous years tailored to suit the consumer. If the consumer didn’t choose a new plan under the new regulations, the DTH and cable operators will automatically activate the Best Fit Plan on that subscriber ID. The Best Fit Plan will contain most channels from the preferred genres that the previous plan included while trying to maintain the price of the older plan.

What will be the pricing?

With the new Best Fit Plan, TRAI has directed operators to maintain the overall bill amount closer to the one in the previous plan. Therefore, most people should see almost similar TV bills with the new Best Fit Plan. The Best Fit Plan will consist of the NCF and the Base Pack structure.

What about the channel selection?

Since the new plan will be based on the new system, there’s a high possibility that some channels might be removed to maintain the bill amount. Since most popular channels are price higher, the cheaper channels could be removed to keep the price close to what it was before. So you may not get all the channels you used to get previously but the operator has to make sure the essential channels from your pack remain.

For example, if you as a subscriber prefer to watch Bengali channels apart from Hindi and English channels, the plan will offer the prominent channels from all the genres.

Can you upgrade from the Best Fit Plan?

If you are missing out on some important channels with the Best Fit Plan, you can always add them via the a la carte option. You can also go for the broadcaster bouquets to save on costs. If you don’t want to go through the selection process at all, you can opt for an operator-curated channel pack.