Cricket matches between India and Pakistan are best described by adjectives like “intense,” “nerve-wracking,” etc. They also have a special appeal that can only be experienced by the citizens of the two countries. The type of competition that exists between India and Pakistan on both and off the ground may be attributed to history. Any game between both nations is now more exciting and eagerly awaited as a result. We are presenting the best highlights of the cricket matches between India vs Pakistan which made our nation proud.

Here are the best moments from cricket matches between India vs Pakistan.

World Cup 2015

When India and Pakistan played each other in a World Cup match on February 15, 2015, the two nations’ history was sparked. Team India preserved its impeccable record versus Pakistan in World Cup matches. Pakistan was beaten by India by a margin of 76 runs. At the packed Adelaide Oval stadium, Indian captain MS Dhoni won the coin toss and elected to bat in the qualifying match. In their 50-over allotment, Team India set a goal of 301, buoyed by Virat Kohli’s brilliant 107 & Suresh Raina’s 74. Pakistan suffered another defeat in the ICC tournament when Indian bowlers assisted the batter’s efforts in bringing a stop to their innings at 224 runs.

Strong duo Yuvraj and Dravid (2003)

Strong duo Yuvraj and Dravid

Sachin Tendulkar played an outstanding 98 out of 75 balls at Centurion Park, and as a result, the needed run rate was soon brought down. But for India to win, they still required 100 more runs. Rahul Dravid and Yuvraj Singh were expected to have the finest games of their careers for their country. They did not let us down. Overall, they successfully collaborated on 99 runs with little glitches. The Indian team’s fragile lower order could have been a show to watch, not to say a humiliating defeat, if they hadn’t kept their stand.

Tiebreaker match 2007

Indian and Pakistani cricket’s first match There were two matches between India and Pakistan at the ICC T20 World Cup. One occurred during the championship match, while the other happened much earlier, during a group-stage match. That game became known as the first India vs. Pakistan T20 encounter in an Indo-Pak sports rivalry. As anticipated, it was a thrilling feeling of power. Each team was able to collect the same number of runs in 20 overs, resulting in a draw. Afterward, a bowl-out session was organized to break the tie (something like penalties in football). From each squad, 5 bowlers were chosen to strike the wickets. Pakistan performed horribly, while India defeated them three times.

2017 Champions Trophy defeat

Fakhar Zaman

Even though the Champions Trophy final in 2017 brings back unpleasant memories, it is only fair to say that our competitors deserved to win. When these two teams met in the finale, India was an obvious favorite because Indian cricket has risen in strength since the beginning of the century, whilst Pakistan has seen a significant decline. It didn’t help their cause since India had previously defeated Pakistan in the tournament. But the situation was different on this specific day. Pakistan scored an incredible 338 runs in 50 overs when India bowled first, with opener Fakhar Zaman scoring 100 of those runs. India’s comeback scored only 158 runs.

The iconic performance by Shahid Afridi in 2005

Cricket between India vs Pakistan served as the opening match of the 2005 six-match ODI series. Indian quickly took the lead at 2-0. At that time, the Indian team appeared to be quite formidable and strong. Team Pakistan, however, produced an incredible comeback in Kanpur. Naved-ul-great Hassan’s work allowed India to achieve only 249 points. One of cricket’s best hard hitters, Shahid Afridi, led Pakistan’s opening attack. He lost no time in dismantling Indian cricket tactics and slammed into the second-fastest century in the ODI record. When Afridi was out for 131, a sigh of relief was let out far into the 15th over, but Pakistan was already headed for triumph.

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