US President Joe Biden greeted Rishi Sunak as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Monday, calling his election a “ground-breaking milestone.” Joe claimed Sunak’s victory is “quite remarkable” during a Diwali festival at the White House. “It’s a watershed moment, and it matters, it matters,”. On October 25, 5 days after UK Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned as a result of widespread protest of her administration’s policies, ex-minister of finance Rishi Sunak was elected as the Conservative Party’s new leader and the country’s newest prime minister.

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss declared her decision to retire last week, amid an open rebellion within the Conservative Party opposing her administration. She was the UK prime minister for a relatively short term, having been in power for only 45 days.

 King Charles III welcoming Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak’s journey to becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

After Liz Truss decided to retire the Conservatives declared that contenders for prime minister must receive at least 100 nominations by 2 p.m. on Monday ie 25 October to advance to the first ballot, which will take place between 3.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. Uk time on Monday.  Rishi Sunak was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, replacing his former competitor Liz Truss, after winning the Conservative Party leadership election. This happened when Penny Mordaunt, the penultimate contender after Boris Johnson dropped out, did not receive the required 100 votes from her fellow MPs. Rishi Sunak has become the UK’s first Indian-origin Prime Minister as an outcome of this. After that at Buckingham Palace, he was welcomed by King Charles III to be in his new honorable position. He delivered his first speech as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom outside Downing Street.

Who really is Rishi Sunak?

The Tory MP, 42, was born in Southampton, Uk, from Indian-origin parents. His father worked as a medical practitioner for the Hospital, while his mother owned a neighborhood drugstore. His grandparents were originally from Punjab and moved to East Africa before settling in Britain in the 1960s, where they allegedly worked in administration. He attended the renowned Winchester College before going on to Oxford University and then Stanford University, where he obtained his MBA and earned the famed Fulbright scholarships. His stellar background includes positions at Goldman Sachs and numerous hedge companies. Sunak wedded Akshata Murty, the daughter of Infosys tycoon Narayan Murthy, in 2009.

Sunak’s Political Journey

Sunak’s career in politics started in 2015 when he was chosen to the Conservative Party’s Richmond constituency in Yorkshire. His career took off after he was appointed as a cabinet member in former UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s administration. Sunak was appointed Chief Secretary to the Treasury in 2019 after supporting Boris Johnson’s Tory general election campaign. Sunak was elevated to Chancellor of the Exchequer following a shake-up in February 2020, a position that ranks third in the governmental hierarchy, trailing only the deputy prime minister and the pm only. and now finally the first Indian-origin UK prime minister.

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