Network for ride-hailing,  Uber has begun offering eco-friendly electric cab services to consumers in certain areas of the Delhi-NCR region, with intentions to broaden the service over time. Electrical cabs are now only available for booked excursions. Following a TechCrunch story, while Uber didn’t reveal the number of EV cars in activity in India, it focused on collaborating with various fleet partners, OEMs, and recharging infrastructure partners “to progressively expand the EV business in an environmentally friendly manner.” To book an EV journey on the Uber platform, users must first click the ‘Reserve’ button and then choose a time and day for the trip. Users can reserve  electric cabs up to thirty days in advance and cancel the ride one hour before the trip to avoid any kind of penalties.

electric cab services in many regions of Delhi-NCR.

Statement by Uber Spokesperson

As stated by an Uber representative, “We have begun offering passengers the option of an electric cab on pre-scheduled journeys through the Reserve option on the Uber app.” Uber Electric is presently only available in portions of Delhi-NCR. We are dedicated to supporting the Indian government’s environmental goals as the largest mobility application in India. In the next months, expect to see even more electric cars, whether two, three, or four-wheeled, on Indian roads.”

Government incentives

In the past several years, both the national govt and several state and local governments in India have begun to offer subsidies to clients and suppliers to boost EV adoption. The Delhi state legislature, for example, claims to have placed 1,000 EV charging stations throughout the city. It also implemented the Delhi EV strategy in August 2020, which includes incentives for charging infrastructure installation. The city plans to install 18,000 EV charging stations within the next 3 years.

Benefits of launching Electric cabs

Transport is an essential part of modern life, yet the typical fuel engine is rapidly becoming obsolete. Petrol and diesel vehicles emit a lot of pollution and are being phased out in favor of all-electric vehicles. Purely electric vehicles (EVs) emit no exhaust emissions and are therefore significantly better for the environment. The following are the primary advantages of launching an electric cab:

  • Minimize running costs
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • There are no tailpipe emissions.
  • There is no congestion charge.
  • Electric vehicles are simple to use and produce less noise.
  • Government support

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