The Apple Watch has been praised for numerous life-saving features, but this time a girl discovered she had cancer just after the watch warned her of an extremely fast heartbeat rate. The family of a little girl recently praised the Apple Watch’s heart-monitoring features for saving her life by allowing her to detect cancer. Because of capabilities like accident and automobile crash detection, Apple Watch is frequently acknowledged for assisting people in detecting heart disease or perhaps potentially saving their lives. Though some people are skeptical of technology, it has the power to rescue lives.

Apple Watch proves to be life safer by Detecting Rare Cancer

How the Apple Watch detected cancer in a 12-year-old girl

Imani Miles, a 12-year-old girl, and her mom, Jessica Kitchen, now regard the Apple Watch as much more than simply a fashion piece. However, according to  Jessica Kitchen, Imani’s Smartwatch immediately started warning her of excessively high heart rate and blood pressure. “That’s unusual because it has never happened before.” “It really just kept beeping off,” the mother told.

Kitchen concluded to drive her daughter to the er after receiving constant alerts. Imani had to undergo surgery there to address appendicitis, but the story didn’t go down there. The physicians discovered a tumor in her appendix, which they said is “infrequently shown in children.” Further investigation revealed that Imani’s tumor already had progressed to other parts of her system. After that, Imani had to have another surgery to remove cancer, but thankfully, everything went well.

Kitchen told the report that if it hadn’t been for the Apple Watch signals, she might have delayed much lengthier to get Imani to the doctor. However, the girl’s prolonged wait could have ended in tragedy. “It could have been so much worse if she hadn’t had that watch,” her mother added.

Other cases where Apple Watch has proved a lifesaver

A 34-year-old woman discovered she was carrying a baby earlier this month after noting a substantial increase in her resting heartbeat as monitored by her Apple Watch.

In August, a 70-year-old gentleman said that his Smartwatch automatically contacted 911 when he fainted and smacked his head into the wall on the ground.

The Apple Watch’s Electrocardiogram cardiac sensor potentially also helped save the life of a 57-year-old British man by delivering warnings for a lower resting heartbeat nearly 3,000 times. David went to the hospital after receiving repeated alarms on his Watch. He was astonished to find the number of cardiac problems he had all along upon further study and diagnostic tests.

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