India gets ready to experience uniform driving licences (DLs) and vehicle registration certificates across all states and Union territories as the Indian govt is planning to roll out this programme as early as July 2019. The all-new smart DLs will be issued with same format, colour, design and security features. DLs will also be embedded with a SIM card like microchip and QR codes. The government has not made it mandatory to link DL to Aadhaar it is working on issuing a uniform Driving Licences says a Times of India report.

The report also suggests that like in metro cards, all new DLs near-field communication (NFC) feature that will enable traffic cops to access the details easily. New smart driving licenses will feature the National and State emblems along with the name of issuing authority. It will also state the blood group and declaration for organ donation. Other details like on the current DLs will stay as it is including the mention of license is valid for which category of vehicles.

This new uniform change will not just be on new and learners license. All the renewed licence will have this new look and so will vehicle’s registration certificates (RCs). With the new BS-VI norms coming in, the RC will clearly have to mention its chassis number and emission norm (BS-IV/BS-VI) clearly on the RC.

A report by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways further confirms that over 32,000 new driving licenses are issued every day in India and over 43,000 vehicles are registered every day. The implementation of the new process will see the issuance of new driving licences and anyone going in for renewal or re-registration will automatically get the new DLs and RC for its vehicles. The Government of India has already begun the groundwork for this new system and the nationwide rollout is expected by July 2019. The cost of moving to this new system and issuance of the new smart driving licence will not be more than Rs 20 and State Governments will be given enough time to roll out this new process.

This new development comes soon after Nitin Gadkari’s confirmation on Ministry of Road Transport is working on a new database that will help in reducing data redundancy of driving licences and reduce the multiplicity of driving licences. Having more than one DL is illegal and the government will have a massive crackdown against people holding with more than one DL. The use of DigiLocker and the mParivahan app requires one to link Aadhaar and DL which is another way the MORTH is working towards implementing of a single person single driving licence across India.

Source: Financialexpress