Neem For Overall Wellness: Did you know, Neem can be the answer for many ailments that we suffer around the globe? According to Lever ayush Ayurveda Expert, *Dr. Mahesh T.S. who has shared this insight, “While Neem is bitter to the tongue, it is sweet and protective to the body.”

In fact, Neem is one of the most versatile plants ever. According to Ayurveda, it is a powerful herb capable of curing various ailments. In fact, there are strong pieces of evidence about the herb being used for healing purposes for as long as 4500 years ago. While Ayurveda makes use of Neem leaves mainly for treatment of Pitta and Kapha’ related disorders, there are several other major healing benefits of Neem: it purifies blood, removes toxins, treats insect bites and ulcers, prevents damage caused by free radicals in the body, works well on wounds, burns, infections and other skin problems. It kills infection-causing bacteria and improves immunity too. 

With so many health benefits of Neem to list out, we have compiled ten best ways you can use Neem in your daily life for maintaining overall health and wellness.

1. To Boost Immunity

Neem is great for boosting immunity. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Neem can be gained to the fullest when Neem leaves are used in the form of tea for boosting your immunity. Just crush a few Neem leaves and add it to a glass of warm water and drink. This is a simple way to protect your general health.

2. To Detoxify The Body

Being an excellent detoxifier. As per Ayurveda the bitter taste is responsible for optimizing the body metabolism thus stimulates the liver and kidneys that result in ecpulsion of toxicity. Neem leaves can be powdered and mixed with cow’s ghee, and consumed. Else, it can be taken in the form of supplement too, to help the body in getting rid of toxins.

3. To Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Did you know that Neem is effective in stabilizing your blood sugar levels? The chemical components of this herb are known to optimize insulin receptor functioning and helps the body get the right dose of insulin. Therefore, using Neem can also make diabetics less dependent on insulin. However, discuss with a doctor about the dosage and other aspects.

4. To Keep Gastrointestinal Tract Healthy

Neem reduces inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, reduces ulcers, bloating, cramping, constipation, and prevents stomach infection. It improves the overall process of digestion and elimination.

5. To Treat Arthritis

The anti-inflammatory properties of Neem make it great for treating arthritis. The oil or paste prepared from Neem can be applied to aching joints and muscles to reduce pain and discomfort.

6. To Ensure Oral Health

Neem is a common ingredient in the majority of oral health products. The antibacterial properties of Neem are beneficial in removing the bacteria that cause periodontal diseases and bad breath. Use Neem water as mouthwash. The Neem twigs can also be used as a toothbrush.

7. To Cure Minor Eye/Ear Troubles

Just boil Neem tender leaves and allow the water to cool completely. Use this to wash your eyes and you can find effective relief from eye irritation, redness or tiredness. Blend few leaves, add honey to it, and you can use this mix to treat ear boils.

8. To treat all types of skin diseases

Boil a cup of Neem leaves in water until they are soft and discoloured. Strain and store in a bottle when cool. Add this to your regular bath water to prevent acne, skin infection, body odour etc. Grinding a few leaves with water and using as a face pack can help treat acne. In general, the paste prepared from leaves is useful in healing of wounds and other skin related diseases. Neem water is a great skin toner, and when applied on a burn, it helps in quicker healing and protects against infection and allergies in the affected area.

9. To Banish Your Hair Woes

Add Neem leaves to boiling water and when it cools down, use it to rinse your hair. The antibacterial property of the herb helps in treating hair lice, dandruff, dry scalp, hair fall, and frizzy hair. It makes your hair smooth and lustrous too.

10. To Ward Off Insects

Neem works brilliantly in repelling insects of all kinds. Just keep Neem-soaked cotton near your window, or burn Neem leaves to ward off insects. This is also a natural way to fight mosquitoes.

Note: Neem is a powerful herb and therefore, should not be used by toddlers and infants. Also, pregnant women, diabetics and those with kidney or liver ailments should consult a health professional before taking supplements.

*Dr. Mahesh is also the Professor and HOD Department of Dravyaguna, Jeevan Jyothi Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital at Aligarh

Source: Dailyhunt