Five Upcoming WhatsApp Features that are more exciting than Dark Mode

 Upcoming WhatsApp Features: WhatsApp has recently launched Dark Mode for Android and IOS after testing the feature for close to a year. Though the Facebook-owned messaging platform was not working on a single feature but working on several others as well. here is the list of some of these upcoming features which are expected to roll out this year.

Disappearing Messages

Whatsapp has been working on the disappearing messages feature for quite some time now. It will allow users to set a time stamp on a message sent over a chat to self destruct. Once the sent message completes the time, It will disappear automatically. It will work somewhat similarly to the WhatsApp stories, which disappear automatically after 24 hours.

Multiple Device Support

At the moment, a WhatsApp account can be accessed over a single device only. While users can use WhatsApp Desktop app or the web.whatsapp.com URL to synchronize their account over desktop but the account is actually logged on the smartphone. WhatsApp has been working on multiple device support for its platform, which will allow WhatsApp users to use their account on more than one smartphone.

Dark Mode for Web

WhatsApp’s Dark Mode is now available for Android and iOS but the messaging platform is now working on Dark Mode for the Desktop app as well as the WhatsApp Web. Once enabled, WhatsApp will offer a seamless experience on all platforms.

Last seen for select friends

Currently, WhatsApp offers three options for Last Seen– ‘Contacts’, ‘Everyone’, or ‘Only me’. The messaging platform is working to include a fourth option ‘Last seen for select friends’ that will allow users to share their last seen time only will some of their contacts. This will allow you to hide your last seen status from the contact you want.

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Face Unlock for Android users

WhatsApp now comes with biometric authentication. For iPhones, the feature switches to the available ID system for the particular device– Touch ID for older phones and Face ID for new devices. For Android, WhatsApp supports only fingerprint lock at the moment but the platform is testing another security feature called Face Unlock for Android users. Once enabled, it will allow Android users to unlock the WhatsApp application on their phone using the face-unlock feature.

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