Flipkart has kicked off its ‘Flipstart Days’ sale today where it’s offering discounts and deals on products across different categories. Flipkart Flipstart Days sale starts today and it will continue till December 3.

Flipkart had put up a landing page for the sale on the website a day in advance to give a sneak peek at some of the offers. The sale has started today, December 1, and go on till Thursday, December 3, 2020.

Flipkart’s Flipstart Days sale is offering up to 70 percent off on headphones and speakers. Discounts of up to 30 percent are being offered on the purchase of bestselling laptops. Wearables such as smartwatches and fitness bands, meanwhile, are being offered from Rs. 1,299 onwards during the sale. These deals also include no-cost EMI options, exchange offers, and extended warranties. Smart TVs, meanwhile, are priced from Rs. 8,999 onwards for the sale.

Flipkart had allowed users to wishlist products they plan to buy during the sale a day in advance, to make it easier to get the deals that you want. There are some good deals on office chairs and laptop tables in case you’re thinking of tweaking your work from home setup.

During Flipkart’s Flipstart Days sale, mobile accessories are available for purchase starting at Rs. 129. Refrigerators and TVs are being offered at up to 40 percent off. Flipkart also has deals of the day and hot deals on laptops and other electronics.

Flipstart Pay Day Sale deals on all electronic items.

a. Laptops

Who doesn’t need a laptop in today’s era? We all do. So in case, you’ve been wanting to buy one for yourself or gift it to someone close, here’s your chance.

Best selling laptops from popular brands like Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, and even gaming laptops from brands like Predator can be bought at a 25-30% discount during this Flipkart Sale.

b. Cameras

Selfies might be the new trend around the corner since the gestation of smartphones, the phone cameras cannot really compete with digital cameras or DSLRs. So, its a pretty smart move to invest in cameras.

Get up to 30% discount would be available on point & shoot cameras and DSLRs from popular brands like Canon, Nikon, GoPro, Yi, Procus and more on Flipkart during the Payday Sale.

c. Tablets

Tablets, a perfect sized gadget, lying between phones and laptops, is a must-have for all those times when a smart phone serves to be too small and a laptop, too big. Like while traveling or going to school or even online shopping.

Well, you’re in luck my friend as you can now get up to 30% discount on tablets from Apple(iPad), Samsung, Lenovo, Honor, Alcatel and more at Flipkart.

d . Computers and Mobile Accessories

The entire 21st generation and the millennials, we’re all hoarders when it comes to gadgets and electronics. No, my friend, you cannot deny it! So, I come bearing a piece of great news for you! Get a whopping discount up to 60% on computer and mobile accessories like printers, monitor screens, headphones, hard disks, speakers, mouses and what not! Isn’t this the coolest sale everrrrrr?

e. Gaming devices

For all my extremely passionate and head over heels crazy fans of gaming, here is your most awaited news. Get X% discount on gaming devices like the PS4 and Xbox. Craaazzzzy stuff. Don’t miss out on these steals! Let the gamer in you feel satisfied and triumphant, this 2020 and you can thank me later!

2. I bet you’re buying TV’s for your whole fam after checking these deals out

FlipStart Days Sale Offers on TVs & Appliances

Hold your breaths because I’m going to freak you out by telling you that you can get a 40-60% discount on purchasing nothing but the best-selling televisions during the Pay Day Sale. Shocked? Told you so!

Be it Samsung, Thomson, Vu, Mi, iFFALCON, or other brands, get TVs starting from 12,499/-.

You don’t even have to think here twice, these deals are simply too tempting to resist if you ask me. I might end up putting a TV in my bathroom as well. Because, why not?

3. Some psychotic FlipStart Days discounts on small home appliances

FlipStart Days discounts on small home appliances

A massive discount ranging between 40-55% on small home appliances like room heaters, induction cooktops, electric kettles, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and more awaits you and your home.

A variegated range of brands, to name a few, Morphy Richards, Maharaja, Usha, Billion, Luminous are offering these great deals on their products. Check out the Flipkart website today and shop them right away!

4. Before we forget let’s talk about the sale of large home appliances as well

FlipStart Day Sale on Home Appliances

Not only does the sale sell smaller home appliances but the discounts are legit and applicable to bigger appliances like AC, microwave oven, washing machine, and refrigerator too. Now, go all guns blazing and shop all that you can and want to not just this one time, but every month during these cashless payday sales at Flipkart and you’re sure to have a house with everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

Also, you can expect to find the aforementioned appliances of top-notch brands like –

  • IFB, Onida, Godrej, LG, Panasonic, MarQ, Intex, Bosch and more – for washing machines.
  • Voltas, Onida, Carrier, LG, Mitashi, MarQ, Avoir, Blue Star and more – for air conditioners.
  • LG, Haier, Samsung and more – for refrigerators.
  • You can get a good discount ranging from 25-40% on all of these products.

5. Planning to change the decor of your house? Here’s a branded sale on furniture for you

Flipstart day sale on Home & Furniture

Sofa sets and study tables and center tables and bookshelves and chest of drawers and beds and dressing tables and cupboards and basically everything else that you need inside your home, it is here on sale. And oh, I forgot to mention, a sale up to a mad 40%! Trust me! Buy it, buy it, buy it all now!

Also, after checking out the discounts on the furniture, I think I might end up re-doing my entire house and replacing every piece of furniture I own with a new one. (No! I’m not crazy. You simply are unaware of the discounts yet!)

6. Get Daily Essentials on discount at the beginning of every month

Flipkart Flipstart Pay Day Sale on Daily Essentials

If you are like me and rely on online shopping for literally every-damn-thing, congratulations, this sale is for people just like you and me.

The Flipkart Flipstart Pay Day Sale on Daily Essentials has me all giddy and nervous at the same time. I want to buy EVERYTHING they have. Like even baby diapers because they’re at such great discounts, but, hey! I don’t have babies. See the problem here? Yes! It’s that unbelievably good.

You can find products segregated into categories like Grooming and Beauty, Baby Care Essentials, Groceries, Everyday needs, and more. Just keep exploring and I swear time will pass before you’d know it.

So, no more rounds of the grocery stores and the hassle of bargaining or the endless rounds to the supermarket, because let’s face it, we all forget something no matter how many lists we make.

7. Get and Additional 10% Instant Discount on ICICI Credit Cards

Now, get extra discount on already discounted products, sounds kinda unbelievable? Well, it’s true.

Flipkart Flipstart Days Bank Offers

You ask how?

Firstly, as the name suggests, ‘cashless’ pay day sale, it’s pretty evident that for everything you purchase, the payment needs to be done online via your ICICI Bank credit cards and not in cash on the delivery of the products. This way you can enjoy an instant additional discount of 10%.

In order to avail this extra discount on cameras, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, laptops, tablets & gaming devices, your minimum cart value should be INR 5000/- and a maximum discount of INR 1000/- could be availed.

Also, in order to grab this offer on TV’s, microwaves, printers, monitors, hard disks & furniture your minimum cart value should be Rs 3000/- and a maximum discount of INR 1000/- could be availed instantly.

Are you already browsing through Flipkart Flipstart Days Sale Offers 2020?

I thought so! Well, its not your fault. I’d be worried in case you still weren’t intrigued enough to check Flipkart out already! Also, I hope we could assist you well and make you aware of all the offers, discounts, and deals that Flipkart has to offer during its Payday Sale. Also, in case you are looking for more information about the Flipkart Sales that’d be showing up later this month, check out our list of the upcoming Flipkart sales in 2020. You can stay tuned to us and you’d know all about it!

Flipkart Pay Day Sale Offers

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