Government plans 3-tier care system: The federal government on Tuesday recognized devoted services for the remedy of COVID-19, with India’s hospital community coming underneath pressure as the number of cases reached 5,085.

Maharashtra registered the best variety of infections, crossing 1,000 with as many as 150 latest cases. State health minister Rajesh Tope tweeted that the current count of patients in Maharashtra is 1,018, with Mumbai topping the list with 116 fresh cases, followed by Pune with 18.

Lav Agarwal, joint secretary, Union ministry of health and family welfare, said that- “As cases rise, it is important to put in place mechanisms for triaging and decision making for identification of COVID-19 dedicated facilities for providing care to patients.

“It would be important to appropriately prepare the health systems and use the existing resources judicially. Available data in India suggests that nearly 70% of people afflicted with COVID-19 either exhibit mild or very mild symptoms. Such cases may not require admission to COVID-19 blocks or dedicated COVID-19 hospitals,” Agrawal said.

Three types of facilities will be set up for various categories of COVID-19 cases, the ministry said.

The government has decided to establish COVID-19 Care Centres (CCCs), where mild or very mild cases or suspected cases will be admitted. “These may be makeshift facilities and may be set up in hostels, hotels, schools, stadiums and lodges, both public and private. If need be, existing quarantine facilities could also be converted into CCCs,” said Agarwal.

The second class will likely be Devoted to COVID Wellbeing Centres (DCHCs). These shall supply take care of all instances which were clinically assigned as reasonable. “These ought to both be a hospital or a separate block in a hospital with ideally separate entry/exit/zoning. These hospitals would have beds with assured oxygen help,” he mentioned.

The third class will likely be Devoted COVID Hospital (DCH), which shall supply complete care primarily for these clinically assigned as extreme.

“This should either be a full hospital or a separate block in a hospital with preferably separate entry/exit. They should be fully equipped intensive care units, ventilators and beds with assured oxygen support,” said Agarwal.

The official cited a study by the Indian Council of Medical Research to show that one covid-19 patient could potentially infect 406 people in 30 days if he/she does not practice social distancing.

“If we follow the proper measures and social distancing, the infection rate can be cut down to just 2.5 people per patient in 30 days,” he(Agrawal) said. The study has suggested an R0, the unit to measure the rate at which a person can infect others, for covid-19 at 2.5.

Asked about the extension of the lockdown, the joint secretary, Luv Agrawal said the government decision would be conveyed very soon.

The government aims to strengthen dedicated hospitals for the treatment of covid-19 cases and this strategy has been shared with the states, he furthur added.

Overall, India recorded 537 new cases, with the death toll in the country reaching 150. As many as 14 people succumbed to the infection on Tuesday.