Instagram live broadcasts: Instagram has announced new features for its users. Many new features have been added to the live video platform. Now the time limit of Insta Live Video has been increased to 4 hours, while any user can now keep this live on their account for 30 days. Instagram has said that it will now focus more live video on the app.

The time limit for live video is currently 60 minutes on Instagram. But now it has been increased to 4 hours. This new feature has been launched globally. Insta Live became very popular with people after the lockdown. Sitting at home, many celebrities, YouTubers, and fitness trainers have added many users to them during the live. Since the beginning of the lockdown, Insta Live View has seen a 60 percent increase in India.

The change, the company explains, is meant to help those who’ve had to pivot to virtual events, like yoga and fitness instructors, teachers, musicians, artists and activists, among others. During the height of government lockdowns in the U.S., Instagram Live became a place for people to gather as DJ’s hosted live sets, artists played their music for fanscelebs hosted live talk showsworkout enthusiasts joined live classes, and more. Live usage had then jumped 70% over pre-coronavirus numbers in the U.S. as people connected online.

Many of these Instagram Live creators had wanted to extend their sessions beyond the 60-minute time limit without an interruption.

The change puts Instagram on par with the time limits offered by Facebook for live streams from mobile devices, which is also 4 hours. (If live-streaming from a desktop computer or via an API, the Facebook time limit expands to 8 hours.)

While the longer time limit is opening up to all creators worldwide starting today, Instagram says the creator’s account has to be “good standing” in order to take advantage. That means the account can’t have a history of either intellectual property or policy violations.

Related to this change, Instagram will also update the “Live Now” section in IGTV and at the end of live streams to help direct users to more live content.

Instagram also today pre-announced another feature that has yet to arrive.

It says that it will “soon” add an option that will allow creators to archive their live streams for up to 30 days.

Instagram is also giving users the option to save their live videos 30 days before they are deleted. Instagram Live videos will be available under ‘Live Archive’, and it will be visible only to you. During the 30-day period, you can either save your Instagram Live or upload it to your IGTV.