International Yoga Day 2021: The seventh edition of the International Yoga Day kicked off on Monday with people across the world taking part in yoga events to mark the day.

On the occasion of the seventh International Yoga Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation stressing the importance of yoga amid the pandemic situation. “Today when the entire world is fighting against COVID-19 pandemic, Yoga has become a ray of hope,” the Prime Minister said in a virtual address, encouraging the world to practice yoga. The theme for this year’s International Yoga Day is ‘Yoga For Wellness’ in view of the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the nation in celebrating the occasion of the 7th International Yoga Day whose theme this year is ‘Yoga For Wellness’. Addressing the nation, PM Modi said yoga remains a “ray of hope” as the world fights the coronavirus pandemic.

“If there are threats to humanity, Yoga often gives us a way of holistic health. Yoga also gives us a happier way of life. I am sure, Yoga will continue playing its preventive, as well as promotive role in the healthcare of masses,” the prime minister asserted. 

On the occasion of seventh International Day of Yoga, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also announced the launch of M-Yoga app in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO). The app which will be available worldwide in many languages will show videos on yoga training based on a common protocol.

Announcing the launch of the M-Yoga App, PM Modi on Monday said, “Now there will be an app which will have yoga training videos in different languages for people across the world. This will help us in our ‘One World, One Health’ motto,”

The app is being launched in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), PM Modi said.