The Ministry of Home Affairs in order to make citizens aware about cyber safety has tweeted an important tip for those registering themselves for online job platforms.

As job-hunting platforms ask for detailed personal information like name, birth date, address, job details, certification details, mobile number and in some cases even government-registered IDs, it is very important to check the privacy policy of the website and even be sure about the authenticity of the platform.

Aspirants are advised to check the privacy policy of the website, “Prior to registering on the particular job search portal, to know the type of information collected from the user and how it will be processed by the website,” said Cyber-safety and Cybersecurity awareness handle, Cyber Dost which is maintained by Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Apart from checking the privacy policies and authenticity of the job platform, citizens should be careful about fake job offers. These jobs offer mostly ask for a registration or application fee, especially for government jobs.

.Individual personal details can be used for phishing scams and even be used to hijack your social media accounts or for other scams that require impersonation. 
.Recently, an activist in Chennai has found out how fraudsters send fake job offers under letterheads promising salaries of Rs 20,000 and more. To receive such letters, an applicant has to contact the mail id given in the advertisement. Soon, an HR manager will send a WhatsApp message and ask for the resume. Within a day or two, the offer letter will be sent via WhatsApp. However, one has to make a payment of Rs 950-1,500 to get this so-called ‘job’.

.Fraudsters most lure people by offering fake joining letters from big companies and government organizations.
.Amid lockdown, many employees had lost their jobs, some are facing trouble in payment by their company and also facing a considerable cut in their payment. Now, in this pandemic period, where people are frustrated for works and salary, they are reliable on different online sources to get the income, Now, fraudsters are very much active to deceive their money through different techniques.