Delhi Elections 2020: In a move that has raised eyebrows, low-cost carrier SpiceJet has offered air travelers “free tickets” if they plan a trip to Delhi to cast their vote in the Assembly elections. Their new initiative is called Spice Democracy as the airline made the announcement on Twitter and shared details for participation on their website.

“No obstacle is big enough to stop us from being a part of our great democracy. Introducing #SpiceDemocracy. If you are a registered voter in Delhi, fly back home with SpiceJet and cast your vote. Your tickets will be on us,” SpiceJet said in its statement on Twitter.

SpiceJet, on its website, said that the initiative is open for participation from January 30 to February 8. If you are a registered voter in Delhi and live outside the city, and intend to cast your vote during the elections, begin with registering on the SpiceJet website.

Subsequently, you need to mention the reason behind “what inspires you to vote in the Delhi Assembly Elections” in a post on your social media accounts along with the required hashtags mentioned on the website.

Shortlisted participants are required to book a roundtrip air ticket to Delhi on a SpiceJet flight and make the payment. The date of departure, though, has to be February 7-8, 2020 and the date of return should be February 8-9 2020.

Apart from the aforementioned, certain other terms and conditions are required to be fulfilled as well that are mentioned on the SpiceJet website.

Results will be declared after which passengers “will be gratified with a full refund on their roundtrip ticket if their date of departure and return is February 8, 2020, and the refund of a one-way ticket, if their date of departure is February 7, 2020, or their date of return, is February 9, 2020.”

On their website, though, the airline specified that “SpiceJet will only bear the base fare of the air ticket(s). The winner(s) will have to bear all applicable taxes, surcharges, levies and any other additional costs, incurred on the air tickets won under the said Initiative.”

Delhi will go to polls on February 8 and results will be declared on February 11.

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