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ARIES (MAR 21 – APR. 20)

Financial gains are on the cards today. Happiness will fly in as you receive some good news from an overseas friend. If you have feelings that you haven’t expressed to someone you dearly love, today is a good day to go ahead and let them know. The evening promises rejoicing and relaxation. It can be so annoying when people at work are uncertain about their opinions and vague about their plans, but you are also likely to be affected by such a loss of direction some time soon. It may even be possible to follow up with completely contradictory courses of action at the same time.


TAURUS (APR. 21 – MAY 21)

If you’re keeping your thoughts to yourself because you think it will prevent arguments, don’t bother. Because if you speak up and unleash your more opinionated side, you will see some dramatic results. The people around you right now not only want to know what you think, but they also want to discuss it with you. Get ready to talk about complex issues, and let your personal feelings guide your argument. Lead with your opinions, but close the argument with facts. There’s a superb if challenging tie-up between planets responsible for your career and your finances. What this means now is that increased prestige and enhanced earnings could well go hand-in-hand. But you may find that it’s a community role which fulfils your needs.


You’ll get some honest feedback that could leave you wincing today, but try not to let your ego get in the way of your education. Don’t miss the point of what this feedback is telling you. It’s time to face the facts and admit that it might be time for you to stop going down the road you are on. It’s never too late to try another angle, a different approach, or a new strategy altogether. You’ve still got a lot of time to work your magic, so start now. You are benefiting from a striking relationship with expansive, optimistic Jupiter and generous gestures will do you good in the long run. One thing you can do for yourself at the moment is to find unusual solutions to old and familiar problems. You never know – it might just work!


There won’t be much movement in any direction today—backwards, forwards, or sideways. The energy of the day is still, but it is nevertheless powerful. So just because you’re not running around with a million things to do does not mean that you won’t be active and productive in your mind. There is a lot of positive energy just under the surface, waiting to be seen—once you tap into it, you’ll be able to see the bright side of the darkest events and enjoy a stress-free day. A series of reassuring aspects to your favourite planets will only be effective if you take steps to put all your plans and intentions on a sound practical basis. There is no room for waffle, perhaps because people out there are relying on you to show what you’re made of.

LEO (JULY 24 – AUG. 23)

Just because you are in the thick of things doesn’t mean you are going to understand what is going on around you today. Be careful not to act before you speak—and don’t speak before you think. Oh, and before you think, you might want to just feel. Let your emotions lead your initial investigations into this overwhelming situation. Push fear and doubt away, but open up your mind to what your instinct is telling you. There are good people involved—follow them. Life is often so serious and sober, yet it’s open to you to follow impulses if you wish, however ridiculous or child-like they may be. All similarly-minded spirits and soul-mates will support you in your endeavours, so surround yourself with people who are on your wavelength.

VIRGO (AUG. 24 – SEPT. 23)

Whether you noticed them or not, other people have been noticing you! The changes you’ve been going through have been significant enough to get folks talking. They are impressed and wondering what your secret is. If you want to share it with them, feel free! But if you don’t, then don’t—there’s no need to solve the mystery that is surrounding you right now. Enjoy being the topic of gossip. You’re like the hottest new celebrity within your social circle. Your life is so often a question of keeping up with the neighbours, rather than of making real substantial improvements in your affairs based on what is good for you. You may now be realising that such a course can involve you in unexpected costs and that perhaps you have needs which you’ve ignored for too long.

LIBRA (SEPT. 24 – OCT. 23)

If you feel pressured to spend more money today, avoid it. So what if friends feel like going out for an elaborate dinner, buying a new gadget, or hanging out at the mall? Tell them to have fun without you—you need to keep yourself as far away from shopping temptations as possible. Being tight with money is not a bad thing right now, and you are quite clever at figuring out ways to pinch a penny here or there. Use your creativity to save you cash. Stay cool. Don’t over-react or over-dramatise your emotional problems just because you feel that you have been hard-done-by in the past. You should reflect deeply on all your complaints before unjustly accusing your fellows because, if it turns out that you’re wrong, you’ll never forgive yourself!

SCORPIO (OCT. 24 – NOV. 22)

Vibrant and good energy is coming into your world today—which means that you can expect some vibrant and good people to come into your life today as well. These people should serve as an inspiration to you because they took some risks and are reaping the benefits of them. Why not start thinking about taking a few more risks in life yourself? Put yourself out there and be more daring. You don’t have to step too far from your comfort zone to see progress. It must be so strange when your plans work out in unexpected ways. Yet nothing in astrology happens without a reason, and you must see that over the next few weeks you will be given a chance to change your direction. Whether you seize opportunities now or wait until they come round again, is up to you, so choose wisely.


Tiny trials in your life today are setting you up for bigger challenges down the road, so pay attention and take notes. A few people around you are in a bit of a prickly mood, so step gingerly around them until they calm down and get into better moods. Keep your communication with the light and breezy until then. Let them know you’re there for them if and when they need you. And be cool if they don’t turn to you for help—don’t take it personally. You’ve had it relatively easy in your professional life over recent weeks, while those of you with worldly ambitions have found them simple to fulfil. Yet now you may have to go into reverse gear once again. An added twist comes when you either work with a friend – or become attracted to a colleague.


Don’t be surprised if in the middle of a conversation your mind starts to wander today. At first, you might think you’re just entering an introverted, “I want to be alone” phase. But in reality, you might just be bored with the method of discourse. Getting ideas across by explaining them with words is so uncreative! Try singing your reply, or jotting down a quick haiku that expresses what you’re thinking. It’s up to you to push your people into communicating in more creative, meaningful ways. The fact that planetary activity is so much less intense than in the past should allow you to relax. But please keep an eye on apparently trivial complaints at home which could flare up without warning. If someone close by is bothered by secret fears, then offer whatever support you can.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 – FEB. 19)

 Today it might be time for a clean sweep—both literally and figuratively. You’ll feel better when there is less clutter and more clarity in your world, so get rid of things (and people) that you just don’t need anymore. It’s a great idea to stay busy doing things that make your environment better, like cleaning and organizing. Try to do some house cleaning, laundry or other chores before the late afternoon, when your energy is going to be flagging. You specialise in keeping yourself to yourself. Today is no exception to that general rule, and you will be even less prepared than usual to betray your secrets or share treasured information with others. Your best policy is to keep people informed on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.

PISCES (FEB. 20 – MAR 20)

Sheep are lovely animals, but you wouldn’t want to be one! So today, steer clear of groupthink and avoid doing what everyone else is doing, just for the sake of doing it. Following fads is something that people who don’t have any imagination or sense of self do—now does that sound like you? You are far too unique to look like, act like, dress like or behave like anyone else today. So go your own way and don’t look back. Being part of a herd is not beneficial. The time has, at last, come to deepen your knowledge and improve your wisdom through a little careful thought and inquiry. At work, you will now begin to benefit from improved friendships. And, in an intimate relationship, you spot an opportunity to line your pocket.

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