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ARIES (MAR 21 – APR. 20)

You are not responsible for making other people happy—you can only support them in their quest to find their own bliss. So don’t buy a ticket for that guilt trip a friend or relative is trying to send you on! Don’t react emotionally to this person’s plight. Your compassion is admirable, but you can’t let it force you to do things that you really don’t think are healthy for you. Be a good friend by keeping yourself emotionally healthy and content. Partners are bound to raise certain obstacles, but these shouldn’t be seen as unwelcome. If partners come up with advice which is at first impression rather upsetting, don’t be dismayed, but look for the deeper truth. The real facts might offer reassurance.

TAURUS (APR. 21 – MAY 21)

A silly little spat could get blown out of proportion today, but luckily you won’t be in the direct line of fire. You’re not on the radar screen of the particularly combative person who’s kicking up all the dust—and you should do whatever it takes to stay out of it! This person’s got a chip on their shoulder ten stories high and they’re looking for a reason to get mad. Don’t give it to them. Play nice, give them wide berth, and carry on with your happy day. Think ahead and realise that the prospects of a shock, a surprise, or a complete turnaround at work, are increasing by the hour. It’s difficult to be specific, but whatever is about to happen will affect your long-term security, hopefully for the better.

GEMINI (MAY 22 – JUNE 21) 

Your casual acquaintances are suddenly much more fun to be around than your tried and true old buddies—is this a sign that there is trouble in paradise? Probably not. From time to time, you need a fresh atmosphere for your socializing—and there is nothing wrong with that. Plus, it’s more exciting to learn more about the people you don’t know very well than it is to rehash old stories with old friends. This is probably a phase, so don’t lose perspective. You are standing on the brink, pulled between two vital Geminian qualities. You can be terribly logical and discreet, but you also have a tendency to open your mouth and put your foot in it at the slightest excuse. There must surely be a middle way!


A major shakeup is happening in your world today—and just like when tectonic plates shift, these changes could create quite an earthquake. But instead of freaking out and running for cover, you should run right out into the open so you can be the first person to take in the new landscape once everything settles down. Several new opportunities will be bubbling up from under the surface, and you are in the very best position to take advantage of them. Your tough, uncompromising nature is to be stimulated today, yet in a pleasantly practical manner. The only indications of muddle occur around early morning, the middle of the day and the beginning of the evening, but you’ll survive any problems unscathed!

LEO (JULY 24 – AUG. 23)

You’ll meet a smiling someone today who seems a little bit too good to be true. They can have a good time doing just about anything—and what’s worse, they can get along with anyone! What’s their secret? Tail them today and find out what they do differently from you. Do they listen more than you do? Do they ask more questions than you do? By the end of the day, you’ll finally understand why they seem to have the whole world at their fingertips. Tomorrow, put this knowledge into practice. New planetary pressures indicate that money is likely to flow through your fingers like water. However, the situation is quite complex, and new funds will appear to replace those which have disappeared into the ether. As the cosmic law states, what goes round, comes round!

VIRGO (AUG. 24 – SEPT. 23)

 Are you in the mood to revamp or update your personal style? Do yourself a favour by not running right out to the mall and buying up a closet full of the latest trendy clothes! Instead, look at your current wardrobe and see how you can mix it up. You have more options than you think you do, you have just not been making the most of them. It’s not about being stingy or saving money. It’s about reminding yourself of the great things you’ve got that you never utilize! The Sun is placing pressure on your chart, a clear enough indication that you should take things one at a time. If you’re a professional Taurean then you really must take care of private complications first, before you deal with public obligations.

LIBRA (SEPT. 24 – OCT. 23)

A big decision has got you feeling confused, but there really is no need to be scratching your head about it. All you have to do is get organized and everything will fall into place. Just get out a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down all the pros and the cons of your options, and the answer will become crystal clear. And keep in mind that your next steps in life should be focused on achieving a long term gain, not on short term thrills or fads. For one who is supposed to be so private, all the current planetary pressures are urging you to live your life in public. Just as soon as you give the word, all the skeletons will come tumbling out of their cupboards. You’d better have a good story prepared!

SCORPIO (OCT. 24 – NOV. 22)

 The annoying or rude actions of the people around you will actually have some positive effects on your day. A person cutting in front of you in line at the coffee shop might cause you to miss out on that last scone, but did you need really need the extra calories anyway? When someone holds the elevator door for a straggler, they might be doing you a favor—expect to enjoy a few floors of one-on-one time with someone you’ve been dying to get to know better. The Moon is in a cautious zone of the zodiac, and I am sure that you will take your responsibilities seriously, but the reckless and self-indulgent consequences of tomorrow’s solar battle are already stirring in the more enjoyable regions of your psyche.


One of the groups you belong to has been feeling like an imposition in your life for a while, but today you can expect this obligation to start to feel more like something that you’re lucky to be a part of. You are feeling much more in synch with these other group members, so if you are contacted by one of them today, give them as much time as you possibly can. They need to get a dose of the good, common sense medicine that you provide on a consistent basis. It has to be said that you can never tell who is going to be useful for you – and who is not. Make a point of socialising today and you might develop some fabulous contacts for the future. Also, take the lead and talk to a partner, rather than allowing them to pretend that there’s nothing amiss.


It’s time to change your life patterns. Not only will it make life more interesting, but it will also keep that certain someone much more intrigued by you. After all, if you make it impossible for them to pin you down, you’ll keep them interested. It’s not a huge problem if you have established a routine that works for you and you’re not eager to change, but every once in a while you have to do something to ensure that you are not getting stuck in a rut. Lunar alignments expose you to exploitation by others, and it may indeed be right for you to perform a few favours. Yet, you would also be justified in being a little selfish and putting up your defences against people who just don’t know where to stop.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 – FEB. 19)

You are very focused on one issue right now, and you have strong feelings about it. That’s wonderful. But just because you feel strongly about this does not mean that anyone else will—even if you can’t believe that they don’t. Resist lecturing them or trying to get them as interested as you are. Pushing someone to be more aware is going to backfire on you. So let other people care about what they care about—and not care about what they don’t care about. You should judge financial matters very carefully, and if you have any doubts about the wisdom of a particular purchase or investment, hold off until after the weekend. You may be feeling slightly vulnerable emotionally, so take the necessary safeguards.

PISCES (FEB. 20 – MAR 20)

You’re going to be surrounded by adults all day long, but it might feel like you’ve been plopped down in the middle of a day care center! Everyone’s childlike behavior won’t bother you too much, though—because when everyone around you is doing nothing but goofing off or having tantrums, you can step up and get a lot done. If you can resist their invitations to play, you can finish up a project or assignment that has been on your list for far too long. Family members are looking over your shoulder – and domestic spending moves up the agenda, but only temporarily. It therefore follows that if property deals, rental agreements or major investments are current, you should move fast to secure a favourable outcome.

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