If you trade stocks nowadays, you must keep up with recent market developments. The traders in the modern stock market monitor the rise and fall of the stocks regularly and occasionally even hourly.

Thanks to high-speed internet and helpful smartphone apps, the simple, quick, and efficient way traders now live their lives. The traders benefit from these financial apps by staying informed and prepared.

Everything is available from your smartphone or tablet, including checking the stock’s real-time streaming market price and creating a virtual portfolio, creating stock charts, monitoring your portfolio, and following market trends.

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To make your stock research in India more effortless, we will introduce the 7 Best Stock Market Apps today. Furthermore, every program on this list is free. Be with us for the next 5-8 minutes to learn about the top stock market applications for Indian stock research, to put it briefly.

1. MoneyControl

7 Best App

With the Moneycontrol App, you can keep up with the most recent developments in the Indian and international financial markets on your smartphone. You may easily track indices (Sensex and Nifty), stocks, futures, options, mutual funds, and commodities. And currencies because it covers a variety of assets from the BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX markets.

2. Stock Edge

7 Best App

Stock Edge is one of the top share market apps because it offers end-of-day data, visualizations, and notifications that Indian stock market traders and investors can use to conduct independent research and make more intelligent judgments.

3. ET Markets

7 Best App

Another one of the top stock market applications is this one. We frequently read market news and updates on the Economic Times (ET) Markets app because it has the most recent information. The stock information function on this app is also consistently and extremely neatly laid out.

4. Tickertape

7 Best App

This app is somewhat newer than other applications on this list but has recently gained a lot of traction as one of India’s top stock market apps. Tickertape is a cutting-edge platform for stock analysis that puts you in control of the procedure.

It focuses on critical metric analysis with strong ecosystem support and potent tools that can help you learn more about the market and how to participate in it.

5. Trade Brains Portal

7 Best App

Trade Brains Portal is an app for researching the stock market that is quickly gaining popularity among users in India. It has many other essential features, including Stock Screener, the most recent market news, stock buckets, and more. It is one of the most effective alternatives to the Moneycontrol app for the Indian market.

Trade Brains Portal App’s high-quality fundamental data and illuminating visualizations assist investors in conducting effective stock research and analysis. Users of the software can make numerous watchlists and stock portfolios to track their stocks in one location. The Superstar portfolio function of the portal app allows users to follow prominent investors and their most recent stock portfolios.

6. Market Mojo

7 Best App

This is a brand-new, potent app for researching the stock market. For conducting a fundamental study of equities, use Market Mojo. It provides pre-analyzed data on every stock, every financial, every news item, every price change, every broker recommendation, every technical, and every other relevant piece of information in the Indian stock markets.

7. Investing.com

7 Best App

An internationally utilized stock market app is investing.com. You can also get information about global indices and overseas stock exchanges and details about Indian stocks. It provides a collection of financial and informational tools that cover a wide range of national and international financial instruments.

Mobile trading is getting increasingly prevalent these days. Investors and traders are increasingly drawn to brokers who provide the best share market app. Please leave your comments if you’ve used any other stock market apps and what you thought of them.