Price: 1.52 lakhs:

No electric two-wheeler has up until now, offered India’s e-mobility as the ideal option. On the one hand, there are things made in China (or as close to China as it matters), which, while functional and (relatively) inexpensive, lack any appeal. On the other hand, start-ups like Ather have nailed the quality, features, and technical aspects. Yet charge a high premium that appears to turn away many regular scooter purchasers.

Let’s not forget that none of these electrics appear to have the general public sold on their range or charge times. With its new electric Chetak, Bajaj seems to be targeting the latter market and providing a premium electric scooter experience without offering long ranges or tech-heavy aspects, such as charging times. Does the Chetak fulfill the promise of premium, daily electric mobility to the extent that the other factors are not a cause for concern?


If it weren’t for the tremendous legacy of the Chetak in India, many onlookers could ask you while riding this scooter, “Is this a new Vespa?” Whether it’s the way, the front apron flows into the floorboard or the protruding full-metal side panels. Or even the single-sided suspension and swingarm that fully exposes both alloy wheels.

The practically circular LED headlight, the svelte indicators, and the triangle-shaped mirrors are all very contemporary elements that we genuinely appreciate. All of these significantly add to the neo-retro style.

However, the curved tail continues to flow well past the seat and causes. The back of the seat appears to float above the scooter is something we particularly admire.

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As soon as you board the Chetak, the surroundings feel comfortable. Since the battery pack is in the back, there is no unusually high floorboard like on other electric scooters. However, the handlebar is slightly lower than average, so if you’re tall or big, there’s a potential it can rub against your thighs when doing tight U-turns. Although more than spacious enough to fit even the most enormous riding boots, the floorboard area isn’t very large.

Therefore, you won’t be carrying anything on it other than a hefty backpack. However, the seat itself is pretty good. It has a front that tapers and sides that are curved.

Even shorter riders can now put their feet quickly on the ground, and it feels highly natural to straddle the scooter between your legs while you’re at a stop. The single-piece seat’s primary lean towards the rider and seeming lack of space for a passenger is our only issue with it. However, passengers should feel secure knowing that they have a sizable grab rail to grip onto. Oh, and that grab rail’s top has a soft-touch coating that makes it comfortable to hold.

Bajaj Chetak Premium Specifications:

Range 95 km/charge
Motor Power 4080 W
Motor Type BLDC
Charging Time 5 Hours
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Drum
Body Type Electric Bike

Bajaj Chetak Premium Price: The Bajaj Chetak Premium in Delhi is Rs 1.52 Lakh (Ex-showroom).

Bajaj Chetak Premium Features:

Braking Type Combine Braking System
Charging Point Yes
DRLs Yes
Fast Charging Yes
Mobile Connectivity Bluetooth
Clock Yes
LED Tail Light Yes
Speedometer Digital
Odometer Digital

Pros and Cons of Bajaj Chetak:

Things We Enjoy About Chetak

  • Excellent construction and paint quality
  • Performance readily matches that of 110cc gasoline scooters.
  • incredibly cozy rider’s seat

We Don’t Like About Chetak:

  • Lack of space for a pillion
  • At high speeds, the ride quality feels a bit rough.
  • The speedometer is challenging to read in direct sunlight.