On August 5, Royal Enfield will debut the Hunter 350, and a few days later, on August 7, the motorcycle will officially go on sale. Although the Classic 350 and Meteor 350 engines are identical, the company has made specific design tweaks to cater to a new group of riders. The power output is 20.2 HP, and the torque is 27 Nm.

The performance would be enhanced because it would weigh about 15 kg less than the Classic 350 or the Meteor. Let’s talk about the Hunter 350’s measurements. It has a 2055mm length and a 1,370mm wheelbase.

Depending on the variation, the Enfield Hunter will be available in 8 colors, including dual-tone and single-tone shades. While the top-end version will get dual-tone colors, some colors are specific via its app. The bike will have a lower seat height and a single-piece seat with a teardrop-shaped fuel tank.

 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 vs. Honda CB350:

Honda developed the CB 350 RS, a variation of the CB 350 H’ness with the same engine but fiber-cut fenders to reduce weight and give it a more scrambler appearance. It also worked since Royal Enfield is not known for its dependability, but Honda is. It, however, was insufficient to unseat a company with a history as long as motorcycles.

However, the Honda does not have a weakness that the Royal Enfield does, namely the antiquated push-rod engine. They were infamous for the push rods’ propensity to jump out of their guides, sometimes even breaking them, leaving the rider stranded. Changing the direction requires disassembling the engine’s lower half, which introduces additional challenges, such as the need to switch main bearings. Hydraulic push rods, another technology that has been present for more than 50 years, were introduced by the business with the UCE engines as a workaround.

Apart from Enfield, there was no direct rival to Royal Enfield for many years. There was no place for competitiveness because there were so many varieties competing with one another. Now that the Honda CB 350 RS is available, the Hunter is being sought after. Let’s examine and contrast the two in more detail.

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Honda CB 350 vs. Royal Enfield Hunter 350 – Features:

The upcoming Royal Enfield Hunter 350 will feature, among other things, telescopic front forks with rubber boots, alloy wheels with optional spoke wheels, a round headlight, a single pod instrument cluster with the tripper function as an accessory, a short, stubby exhaust, a single-piece seat, disc brakes front and rear with dual-channel ABS, and dual shocks at the end.

The Honda CB 350 RS features telescopic front forks, multi-channel ABS disc brakes on both ends, dual shocks in the back, alloy wheels with 19- and 17-inch front and rear wheels, and a semi-digital instrument panel. Both have comparable equipment, but the spoke wheel choice on the Hunter suggests that the motorbike will be more durable off-road.

Honda CB 350 vs. Royal Enfield Hunter 350 RS Pricing:

The Royal Enfield Classic 350, the company’s entry-level model, is anticipated to cost significantly more than the Royal Enfield Hunter 350. Given that the launch is planned for this August, we won’t guess a price. However, the Honda CB 350 RS is only available for Rs 2.03 lakh ex-showroom. It might eliminate Honda from the race if Royal Enfield can price it much below the CB 350 RS.

Honda CB 350 vs. Royal Enfield Hunter 350 RS Engine specs:

The forthcoming Hunter will be powered by a 349cc, single-cylinder, air, and oil-cooled motor, according to the information that is currently accessible, as well as spotted photographs and Royal Enfield’s recent trends. With 5-speed manual 

information, the engine will generate 20 horsepower and 27 Nm of torque. It’s noteworthy to note that, although claiming to be oil-cooled, the Hunter does not, like the Himalayan, have a radiator. Instead, it employs an internal oil circuit to assist in cooling the oil.

Using a conventional 348cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine, the Honda CB 350 RS produces 20.7 horsepower and 30 Nm of torque. A 5-speed gearbox, akin to the Hunter 350s, is coupled with the engine.