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WhatsApp new privacy policy: Just a few days back, WhatsApp confirmed that it won’t delete users accounts on May 15 if they don’t accept the new privacy policy. But it looks like users will have to accept the new privacy policy at some point, especially if they wish to continue using the features.


The last date to accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is May 15 and if you don’t, you may lose out on important and some very basic WhatsApp features. The Facebook-owned messaging app made it clear that it would not delete the accounts of users who have not accepted the new privacy policy. What it plans to do instead is worse than losing access to your account. WhatsApp had first planned to roll out the new privacy policy on February 8 but after facing severe backlash, the Facebook-owned messaging app postponed the date.


Whatsapp has updated on its FAQ page that it will not delete the account of users who do not accept the new privacy policy. However, the company did mention that it will limit the functionality. Now, this is not as simple as it sounds, WhatsApp will indeed stop sending messages, calls on your phone if you do not accept the privacy policy and this is worse than losing your account. However, WhatsApp will not take away all the features at once, it will slowly and gradually deprive users of features if the policies are not accepted on May 15 after persistent reminders.

WhatsApp says, if  the users receive a chat from a contact, they will be able to open it through their notifications and also respond to them. In the limited functionality mode, users will also be able to respond to incoming audio and video calls. For now, we are not sure if WhatsApp will allow these users to make calls to send messages.


How to accept WhatsApp privacy policy?

Users will get the policy pop-up on the app home screen. To accept the new privacy policy, users will just need to tap on ‘Agree’ option that appears on the screen when they log into the app. “By tapping AGREE, you accept the new terms and privacy policy,” WhatsApp shows this banner on the screen.

That’s the only way you get to accept the newly update ToS, there’s no other option or anything available for now. If you do not see the pop-up, chances are you have already accepted the new WhatsApp privacy policy. There’s also no way to check the policy updates and information on the app anywhere.