Need Urgent money? You can pocket Rs 45,000 while sitting in the comfort of home. The Covid pandemic period has been tough. Some lost their livelihoods, and a number of people require urgent money. Here is a chance for you to earn a few thousands without stepping out of respective houses. 

Many people like to collect different types of coin and notes. At present, notes are used exclusively in money transaction. Coins are not used much. But now just one rupee note is going to give you a big amount. You have a golden opportunity to earn thousand of rupees by selling one rupee note. Although the one rupee note is banned from circulation by the Indian government, it is now priced in thousands.

The Rs. 1 rupee note is selling for Rs. 45,000 on the online platform. however the note must be signed by Governer HM patel in 1957. Also the serial number of this note should be 123456. This one rupee note is being sold on the Coinbazzar website. However, the original price of the old 1 rupee bundle is Rs. 49,999. After discount, the website has fixed the price at Rs. 44, 990. 

You need to go to website and go to shop section. After visiting the shop section, you need to go to “Note Bundles” category. You will get to see the details.

Old Coins, Notes Available

Buyers especially those who like keeping old currency of the country, can purchase old notes of Rs 50 at Rs 8,200, Rs 10, Rs 5 at Rs 2,999, Rs 2 at Rs 4,999, and Rs 100.

You can also sell your items through the website and earn some money. You need to go to the Coinbazzar website and “start selling with us” section. You need to do registration by entering a few details.

These details are Username, Email, Verification code, First name, Last name, store name, address 1, address 2, country, city or town, state, pincode, and other details.