The Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has rolled out a new brand of Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) cylinders and that is called ‘Indane composite cylinders’. This new smart cylinder allows customers to easily plan their next refill with ease. Interestingly, this smart cylinder will also let you to know how much gas is left and how much has been spent.

Indane composite cylinders, the latest LPG offering from IndianOil, has a three-layered construction. It is made up of a blow-molded High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) inner liner, covered with a composite layer of polymer-wrapped fiber glass and fitted with a HDPE outer jacket.

Check the key features of this cylinder:

1. These cylinders are lightweight. The weight of a composite cylinder is half of its steel counterpart.

2. These cylinders have a translucent body that helps customers accurately check the LPG level against the light. This will help customers plan their next refill easily.

3. These cylinders are rust-free and do not corrode and reduce the chances of leaving stains and marks on surfaces.

4. These cylinders are designed in such a way that they make them visually appealing and ideal for modern kitchens.

5. One can replace the existing LPG steel cylinders with composite cylinders.

6. One needs to pay a security deposit for these cylinders and the amount in the non-subsidised category is 3350 for the 10kg variant and 2150 for the 5kg variant.

Presently, the composite cylinders are available at select distributors in Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Faridabad & Ludhiana in 5 kg and 10 kg sizes.

The 10 kg variant is marketed only under the domestic non-subsidized category whereas the 5 kg variant is available under the domestic non-subsidized category and as free trade LPG (FTL) through various point of sale options.

Is there a security deposit for the Indane composite cylinders?

Yes. The security deposit for domestic non-subsidized category, is Rs. 3350 for the 10 kg variant and Rs. 2150 for the 5 kg variant.

 Can I replace my existing steel cylinder with a composite cylinder?

Yes, Indane customers can replace their existing steel cylinder with the state-of-the-art composite cylinder by paying the difference in security deposit.

Will the Indane composite cylinder be home delivered?

Yes, the composite cylinder will be delivered to your home just like the existing gas cylinder through Indane distributors.

 Is the Indane composite cylinder available as free trade LPG (FTL)?

The 5 kg composite cylinder is also available in FTL category. The present cost of the 5 kg composite FTL cylinder is Rs. 2537/- inclusive of GST. The refill cost varies periodically depending on the location. For more info on FTL connection please refer link /pages/chhotu-gas-cylinder