Indian Railways Refund: Indian Railways’ first private semi-high speed train—Tejas Express—which runs between Lucknow and New Delhi has for the first time compensated the passengers for the train delay.

The Tejas Express is operated by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).


  • The IRCTC has approved two ways by which a passenger travelling in Tejas Express can initiate the claim process in case there is a delay
  • IRCTC will pay a compensation of Rs. 100 in case the train during its run, is delayed by more than one hour and Rs. 250 in case of delay of more than two hours

The IRCTC in a statement has said has received and approved claims of 158 passengers within a period of 3 days out of which compensation has already been paid to 74 passengers.

“The claims of the remaining 84 passengers have already been approved for payment and are waiting for want of details from passengers,” IRCTC said in the statement.

IRCTC offers travel insurance to the passengers of Tejas Express through Liberty General Insurance Company Limited–a Mumbai-based private insurance company.

The Lucknow-New Delhi Tejas Express has recorded a delay of more than 2 hours on 19 October 2019 due to delayed start from Lucknow in the morning.

According to the release, IRCTC will pay a compensation of Rs100 in case the train is delayed by more than one-hour and Rs250 in case of delay of more than two hours to every passenger travelling on the train.

On 19 October 2019, Tejas started from Lucknow at around 8.55 am instead of its scheduled departure at 6.10 am and reached New Delhi at around 3.40 pm instead of 12.25 pm. It departed from New Delhi at around 5.30 pm instead of 3.35 pm. The cause of the delay was delayed maintenance.

The claim process for Indian Railways Refund:

The IRCTC has approved two ways by which a passenger travelling in Tejas Express can initiate the claim process.

-By calling the call centre (1800-266-5844)

By writing an e-mail to

-The passengers travelling in the Tejas Express will need to call the insurance provider to initiate the claim process.

-The representative will then ask the passenger for relevant details like PNR, Certificate of Insurance (COI) number that was shared by Liberty General Insurance Ltd. on the issuance of Certificate of Insurance (COI).

-The passenger needs to provide a cancelled cheque in the mail id of the insurance provider along with the subject line mentioning PNR and Certificate of Insurance number.

-Once the insurance provider gets all the required documents, claim intimation, a claim number will be generated. The claims team will refer to the appended data received from IRCTC.

-After the passenger provides all the details in the prescribed format, s SMS will be sent to the passenger with the claim number and after that, the insurance representative will incorporate NEFT details along with claim amount approved.

-On the final step, the finance team will upload details in the banking system for claim payments to be paid in T+1 day