Do you appreciate Reliance JioAirFiber facilities? Reliance Jio has a treat in store for you. During the company’s 45th annual general shareholders meeting, Reliance Jio unveiled the launch of 5G infrastructure across India. Although the biggest obvious impact will be in mobile broadband speeds, there will be numerous additional indirect benefits, along with many new services such as Jio AirFiber and Jio Cloud PC. Moreover also revealed that RIL has set aside Rs. 2 lakh crore for the deployment of 5G services in India over the next two months.


JioAirFiber connects customers to Gigabit-speed Net via wireless networks in their workplaces and homes. The new JioAirfiber service, which will be launched with Jio True 5G around Diwali 2022, was a big surprise. With the new Airfiber, users may enjoy end-to-end wireless 5G access. Jio AirFiber, in a nutshell, is a plug-and-play gadget that will deliver fiber high-speed internet over the air. It will function in the same way as Jio’s existing JioFi portable broadband gadget. JioFi, on the other hand, currently provides Net on mobile devices at 4G speed (approx 8-10 Mbps, depending on the area). JioAirFiber guarantees 5G-like broadband speeds termed as Jio True 5G by the company without the complexity of laying up an expensive fiber wire infrastructure.

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Following are the important points that were  mentioned about AirFiber wireless innovation:

  • Customers will be able to participate in activities such as interactive live broadcasts, immersive shopping, cloud online games, and more with Airfiber.
  • One exciting feature is the incentive to watch live ipl cricket play in super high def. Moreover,  users will be able to switch between several camera settings at their convenience.
  • Airfiber will be capable of linking with hundreds of businesses and households at super duper speeds in a very short time frame.
  • Airfibers super-fast bandwidth and super duper latency ratio will also enable customers to have a watch party. Additionally, they can also participate in cloud gaming.

Jio Cloud PC

In contrast, the Jio Cloud PC is basically a virtual PC maintained in the cloud and powered by a Jio True 5G connection which takes the role of both laptops and desktop computers. The idea transforms and has almost no major hardware necessities. Users will be able to broadcast all calculations from a distant server location thanks to the substantially quicker 5G network speed. With no capital outlay or the pressure of continuous upgrades, a user simply pays for the services they use, allowing a more cost-effective method to introduce the power of a PC, or even numerous PCs, to Indian families. The Cloud PC functions by broadcasting a virtual PC from a remote area. Customers can substitute the web of cables and heavy gadgets with a single small set-top box-like gadget. This tech will be established around the world, however, this is the first time that the Cloud PC software will be readily open to the general public. Moreover, it will be launched as something like a basic modem-like box that will need to be connected to a screen in order to use it. According to Reliance, this might be beneficial to students, freelance workers, small businesses, and even huge enterprises in India.

Additional Information

Jio expects to offer 5G Services in the metro cities of New Delhi, Bombay, Chennai, and Kolkata by Diwali 2022. It will quickly spread to other towns and villages, eventually encompassing the entire country in 2 years. There is no info on the device’s accessibility or price at this time, but the Jio Cloud PC and JioAirFiber will most likely be available after the introduction of Jio 5G services.